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This was for when I hit a million followers on instagram xD~

I've been playing so much Zelda: botw and just started playing Persona 5 so I've been more away from most of my social media haha @__@;;;.
I hit around 185 hours in zelda LOL. it's such a good game. SUCH a good game. I'm STILL watching videos of the game xD~ I'm probably gonna end up buying the DLC when that comes out lolol. 

have you guys played the game yet? isn't it amazing? even persona is great, though i'm still at the beginning where it's a little slow and tutorial-y xD;;
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Oh my god, I Actually cried the day you were gone...Rest in Peace, mate

Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
Love the coloring, the details, the composition. It is absolutely phenomenal :love::love::love:
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#Qinni Lest We Forget....
Koester0828's avatar

That sounds like me and Fine Emblem Three Houses haha. I had never played a Fire emblem game before that one and it just blew me away how many different story's you could get depending on how you played the game! Anyway, love this piece.

hbaf187's avatar

"Thanks for dropping by."

But I guess its time to be on your way.

Kertae's avatar
You are shinning up there.
Aimstinct's avatar

Could you not advertise here? We're trying to mourn somebody.

dtjay's avatar
We love you, Qinni! Rest in paradise <3 
Dibuja en tu paraíso
GRUB-LORD's avatar

rest in peace yo

DaydreamingSloth's avatar
This is so beautiful I love it!
SooYou's avatar
The color composition is as beautiful as ever, well done Qinni!

also Zelda is a freaking time sink!
michelnery's avatar
Angie-AgnieszkaB's avatar
Your works with "stars" are the best. I love them <3
OctaviaJackson's avatar
I love this! It's beautiful!!!!

I've been meaning to ask, but how do you get it to glow? The stars and fish and moons. How did you make them glow? Is there some magical paint I don't know of?!?! Love 
AugustSilk's avatar
stunning,absolutely stunning!! love the colours!!
izzumi's avatar
Your work is so inspirating and beautifull. I wish I had your talent.
askeruaidhri's avatar
Incredibly beautiful! 

Milyusia's avatar
So the moon IS made of cheese!
CaribouRose's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the glowing effect so much :) I've not played BOTW but I'm dying to do so!!
phritzi's avatar
Great piece! 
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