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Instant Noodles are awesome.

"hey, don't pull so hard!"

Every bowl come with their own girl; but be careful, don't pull her hair too hard or she'll be unhappy~!

please read this:
Warning: girl not to be consumed! :lol:
each bowl comes with their own clothing. batteries included.

i love instant noodles....haven't had any in so long though ;_;.
dunno, random idea that popped in my head when i was waking up one day xDD. tried to explain the idea to my mom, but she imagined people eating her D:

i died lining her hair strand by strand D:. but colouring the noodle cup took the longest -__-
alright, gtg do hwk now .__.

school's almost over :la:

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she looks like a spicy flavor :3

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Makes me want some noodles. ❤️

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She sure looks delicious. Nice work!
How weird it is to found a girl in your cup of noodle hahah XDD adorable drawing *^*
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*mind breaks
I...don't know what to think of this...
it looks cute and all but I find it disturbing that she's going to be bald at the same time? or does it grow back? how does she breathe?
also, there's different flavors...does that mean the same for the tiny people in it?
she wouldn't survive'd be the Uchiha massacre all over again except with all the ramen...
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....*looks at picture* wh-what WHAT IS MY MOM FEEDING ME?! on the other hand its really cute...
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I want to eat NOODLES!!! 0_0
:haven't ate noodles for a year :(
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wow! that's cool, but kinda creepy on the other hand-love it. Great job!
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I watched through your galleriay and have just been clicking favourite favourite favourite... so I thought I should say at least something on some picture! Nothing new though, I also like your art and think you are talented and very good imagination! :)
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super cool concept
This is really cute!
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Funny, considering i'm eating ramen right now. Not sure how well she'd make the soup taste...

I'd shave both sides of her head, but leave the middle alone, so she could have an awesome mohawk!
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I don't think I want to eat instant noodles anymore O.O
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That is hilarious. XD Keep up the good work lolz.
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Haha! Cute! and a really genius concept too! :D Keep it up! :D
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Watch out for Naruto!! LOL
nice Pic

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OMG this is so cool! 
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This is super creative props to you!

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kyaah kawaii :hooray:
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