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Hello there...

Please reblog here don't upload it to tumblr yourself please. thank you!
Edit: I've updated with more watermarks because i didn't think this would be that popular, but I've found people uploading it on their own tumblr (without crediting me), wallpaper sites, etc. Please don't do this without putting the credits! >_<; Thanks.

I don't usually ask this, but-
Please full-view this!

An idea I've had since maybe around 2010? Although the initial idea was a cat-boy...but I think I prefer the cat : ). recently I've been remembering a lot of old ideas I've had so I'll be going through them xD.

Story completely open to interpretation.

My other works:
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This is is a beautiful bit of work, you should be very proud of it.
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This is downright awesome!
Anyone want to take my money and write a story based off of this?
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Wow that is so awesome!
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This is absolutely beautiful!  I love the color detail!  Amazing job!
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Gorgeous! We would love to order it as a print. The shading and coloring are amazing. 😊
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The cat: who da hell iz u?
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the girl: nuu, the question is who da hell is u?
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DSDFSJ this comment is so old //o// orz

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Looks spectacular! :love: la in love 
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That is beutiful work omg ❤❤❤❤❤❤
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lovely work !!!
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Hey this was reposted on tumblr and 4chan, I reblogged it with the link but here's the original repost;…
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Don't put the goldfish in the bowl-it affects their health badly.
Just like how she might want to get out and explore the world
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No one would want to live in a closet when you could have a house available.

CutePastelAnime72's avatar
Yes.Just like Tilikum doesn't want to live in a tank
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this is really cute! Looks like they need a bigger bowl. ;p
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Wow, great work thanks for showing :-)
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