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Hand Tutorial -Tips+Reference-

Notes: I suggest drawing all the hands here (just for practice)....and see if you guys improve or not =D;;. I feel like I improved just by compiling all these drawings xD.

Oh, and on another note, never try to hide the hands when drawing a picture. After all, forcing yourself to draw them on a body is the best way to practice ^^.

Finally, never be afraid to use references. Use your own hands if you must (unless your hands are like mine...fat and chubby and generally unappealing), or take a picture of someone's hand. Imagination and memory can only take the technical side of drawing to a certain point until you have drawing enough to master it.

Sorry, it's a bit big. These hands were compiled in a week's time through observing people and drawing hands in life-drawing :D. The shading's really rough, but hopefully it shows a bit more structure and how to shade the hand =)

Also, I'm not a professional (yet xD;; ), so there still may be mistakes in my drawing. but I tried my best ^^.

People has been asking me for a tutorial and I've been meaning to do one for...the longest time, ever.
I know there are a lot of hand tutorials out there, but since it's my favourite body part to draw, I though, "why not?". I personally can't get enough of looking at different tutorials on doing stuff, so....yah =P.

I hope it's helpful even a little. The references at the bottom are for everyone to look at and, well, reference, if need be.

Tutorial #2

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YouBetterChillax's avatar
I do not know yet if drawing these will help me in the long run. However, I appreciate the effort put in trying to teach noobies like me. Thank you, plus, it looks very beautiful.
ChristyFluffball's avatar
Thank you! Very well done. And I may have never seen your hands, but no matter how unappealing you say they may be, if they can draw like this, then they are beautiful indeed. ^.^
hittatandblekning's avatar
Nice stuff Qinni ..This will sure help us.Good work!
petschko's avatar
This is good stuff <3 thanks for that may that helps me a little
Michel-le-fou's avatar
Tip me on legs and feet too, plz!
SansThePunstar's avatar
This is very helpful! Except... I can draw all my other OCs hands now but not my favorite, who has six fingers due to an accident with a sharpie thay I decided was a thing... -sighs- one day I'll get it down
Rosenwood1's avatar
i think you could just look up how to draw 6 fingered hands on whatever search engine you use. :P :D
killikgokuyoh's avatar
This is very helpful. I'm not awful but I'm also not professional either.
Zazoreal's avatar
I have been getting along with hands since i started to throw away fear of failure, but i must say looking at the way you draw your hands makes me wanna try even harder and press the limit of drawing skill even more. GREAT ARTWORK
lianemo0819's avatar
Thank you so much! This is very helpful!
pillowdreamergirl101's avatar
Thank you. This helped alot. Very straightforward. Going from this tutorial more. 
BlueHorizon89's avatar
This is very helpful! Hands are fiddly things to draw :c
Getsuchae's avatar
uuh ! ur so good at drawing ... hands sketshing / drawing have been a huge problem for me No, I disagree!  h h .. but i keep practicing to get it ... anyway thanck u so so so much for ur tutos it does really help I am a dummy! 
Zazoreal's avatar
if you want to understand hands a bit more i suggest you look up "Jim lee" on youtube it will help a bit and the other help will be stuff like drawing with shapes. Not to mention this guy here Qinni is very good- but he uses more advanced shapes away from basics to draw hands and in order to understand them you need to go back to shapes first. im no judge since i don't even really know exactly how good you are with hands atm so i can simply hope this comment helps you in any way! "after all we all want to improve! :) that is what makes us artists"
Sensitsu's avatar
Thank you for the great tutorial! 
(Also, I'm sure your hands are beautiful.) 
MeadowSage's avatar
Loving the refs at the bottom. Definitely help me practice. Thanks for sharing! :)
amandamattos's avatar
Amazing tutorial!
RachelMcCoy's avatar
I love studies like this, and I find your observations very helpful!
I know you can't replace actual drawing/your own study with things like these but this is still great. :) Thanks!
KenyStephens's avatar
Thank you so much, i'll definitely be using these for reference 
WontLetMeBreathe's avatar
thank youuuuu hands are the worst for me i'll try this out ;D;
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