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Flower Wounds

(How does your garden grow?)

haha...i keep neglecting this place...xD:;;;...this is an old thing, actually xD~ 2015 stuff. i don't think i posted it before...D:

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Painful but beautiful

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Cool concepts!
with every wound grows a broken flower, from which no one knows, the pain they dont see, because they could never understand you and me.
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Your art is so great, I like your style :heart: :aww:
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Wow this is really pretty by far im gonna love it..😙
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Wow... I LOVE it. *______________*
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Gorgeous~. I love how you drew this!
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good job\ (๑ʘ∆ʘ๑)/
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Gosh, this is great
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I like your art very much!!!
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excellent artwork :)
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Really beautiful work!!! :heart:
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Damn, your shoes are good looking. Did you draw her feet first before adding the shoes?
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So pretty! Love 
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It is well-crafted, but .... but what's going on? o_o;
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This reminds me of a book I read once upon a time, I don't remember the name but I wish I did. It was about this young woman who lost everything to a fire, her family, her life and her sight. It follows her as she starts tattooing thorns all over her body. She drives everyone away, the whole nine yards. Then something happens, which I don't remember and She learns to become green, to live and see the roses among the thorns. It was such an amazing book, just like this is such an amazing drawing. 
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This reminds me of flowerfell
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I love the concept here! :heart:
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hello i was wounder how do u get good quality on traditional drawing and also luv your artwork.woofCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLOOOORRRSSSS! Vinny the sushidog - emoticon la in love la in loveRevamped: Clueless +plz 
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