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"It doesn't matter that it's not real to anyone else...if it's real to me, that's enough..." said Moon. 
Star blinks sleepily at her, "yeah..."


A thing I spent too much time on. Just thinking about stuff. 

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im literally crying i miss Qinni too much may she rest in peace

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I think this is my favorite piece by you, and it truly fits the occasion. Tonight is the first time I'm seeing your gallery. It's quite beautiful, just like you. Thank you for coming to the earth realm to share your creative spirit. I'm sure you already found your way back home by now.

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may you live amongst the moon and stars...

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Beautiful.  <3
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I actually think about that everyday
Thank u
Really, thanks
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great job!!!!
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I love this so much T___T
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Simple spectacular...
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i like the glowy hair 
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What do you color with?  Is it ink or markers?  I'm in love with the colors and am curious what gives such saturated color without curling up the paper.
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this is spectacular
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This is gorgeous. <3
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How do you add a glowing effect to traditional art? Also this is gorgeous wow <3
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Not very opaque watercolor brush for digital art
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Oh so you did the glow digitally? Thanks ^v^
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Oh, it's wasn't me. I'm just answering for her because that's how I do mine, and because of the few (if any) digital peices she has she probably does it that way too.
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Oh ok! Well ty :> 
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