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January 8, 2020
Bird Cage by Qinni
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Bird Cage


Long time no see~! This isn't the best update but I figured there were prob peeps who don't follow my journals so I'm gonna post this here too I think...

So...I have stage 4 Fibrosis Sarcoma cancer.....Doctor says I have about a year, year and a half left, so.. ...I'm not really sure what to say tbh. I've been cracking jokes on twitter but, well, tbh I'm pretty stressed haha... though, I'm already pretty nihilistic so I really just need to get over my mortality haha...easier said than done tho xD. Uhh....well, I guess I don't have to worry about recycling anymore, my emission's about to get cut real short lmao. Still gotta crack jokes or it's just sad man lol

that's all I have to say right now. I appreciate all the support on twitter and people becoming my patron is just so sweet, thank you guys so much. I apologize my condition might only get worse before it gets better though, I still have a lot of pain problems right now actually...i think that's the worst part of this though, is the pain. god. I'm so tired.

ps. I don't JUST have cancer, I ALSO have a severe heart condition and I'm on a LOT of heart medication which I need to live, so please refrain from making medical advice unless you're an oncologist, cardiologist, or both. Honestly. Please please.

pps. I don't know how much I will use deviantart from now on. I just keep forgetting, sorry @__@;; Probably more than usual now. I'll be a little more active on patreon and twitter mostly, though insta too probably.

thanks for still following me on deviantart. I'm kinda surprised there are still peeps here on my page hahaha...

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7Royal7Clover7's avatar

I did not know you at all, I only found out about you when you opened up about your stress of living with cancer as well as learning to deal with your mortality. When I looked further back, I was amazed at how beautiful your art was and I can see how much of a positive influence you have been. Despite me not being religious, I hope that there is an afterlife and you are thriving there, still drawing to your heart's content.

DrawingwithDepth's avatar

I wish she knew that I was making this comment, that the people before me who were also too late to say their goodbyes wrote theirs. I wish she knew the words of encouragement we have written and probably still will be writing long after this has been made. I wish she knew the words you are about to read:

I miss you. May you forever rest in peace.

Though your bones may turn to dust

Your hair never turned grey

Your eyes now glazed over evermore

Yet the colors you have used will soar

And though the sky darkens without you knowing

You showed your world with art, still glowing

We will miss you, though your time came

The impact of you on us will gain

And we will miss you, forevermore

Rest in peace Qinnu, thank you for blessing this world with your art. I hope you are discovering new colors in heaven. Cheers!

Yuiitsuxxnoxxatisuto's avatar

I used to follow you on instagram since I made my account and you inspired me to start using watercolors and they are now my favorite media to work with. You are still deeply missed by everyone, fly high angel :(

katricom's avatar

God i still miss u :(

nyexcat's avatar

when i learned about her death i actually cried her beggining was happy but had a sad end may she rest in peace

ChicknHead's avatar

Rest in peace Qinni

bush46's avatar

Sprite Rip: Grassy Rock Rest in peace, Qinni. I didn't find you until now, and I regret that. May you draw beautiful art in the soft, gentle heavens.Sprite Rip: Hallow Log

Axeston's avatar

Sorry that i didnt know you earlier. I know it's too late for me to say hello to you, but I hope you had a great time in the heaven

Rest In Peace qinni

zuperzebran's avatar

i hope youre painting the stars in heaven. we miss you <3

Mikaiime's avatar

We all miss you very much. Rest in peace, darling.

VonGrechii's avatar


More than a decade ago, I was just a kid browsing the internet, I remember stumbling upon your deviant art page and thought its pretty cool, I liked the art.

But because I was a kid back then and didn't really knew what I was doing, so I forgot about it almost immediately lol. now, I just finished college last year and have a job in engineering, I randomly came across this piece in my feed, the style looked somewhat familiar, took a while but I remembered that it was you. I was happy that I've rediscovered the long lost artist that I admired a decade ago.

And then I read all your journal and status updates, and...

That little flame of happiness that was lit up was extinguished almost immediately.

Ah well... Rest in Peace Qinni.

I'm just an old fan from a time gone by, passing here to pay my respect.

nyexcat's avatar

im so sorry about that may she rest in piece

ToukoLovesArt's avatar

:cries: May you be kissed by the stars :heart:

imalonelypotatouwu's avatar

Thank you for inspiring me...

Sereliya's avatar

Damn I miss her really

NeoNNoiresque's avatar

If you're alive, may the odds be with you

if you're not, may your soul be well rested

AdamGS88's avatar

Sadly, she has passed away.

doodler4155's avatar

You've been with the stars for a while now Qinni and I still can't stop tearing up every time I see your art or think about you ;c

hanatu's avatar

Thank you so much for creating such a breath-taking art. After seeing your art, I felt like the moon and stars are very beautiful in the way I've never seen before. Rest in peace. We will always miss you. 💕

Eminny's avatar

Rest in peace beautiful!!! we miss you

This is seriously the B's sending you there why even it's like are just doing for no reason like crazy priest on "Little Nicky" movie

CynderfireForever's avatar

I only found you after you passed, but I’ve come to pay my respects. I wish I could have seen your work while you were alive, and I hope you find your place in the heavens. Rest in peace.

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