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Avatar Kyoshi

Avatar Kyoshi going into Avatar state.

Trying a rougher style. I think it suites her badassness more than my usual smoothly rendered stuff xD.

I think I'm getting better at frontal views slowly but surely xD (i mean like i have to go and fix stuff and flipping it horizontally over and over again less hahaha)

Next up Avatar Aang :D Sorry for the flood of fanart >A<;;~ I'm really into drawing these though heh heh heh -w-~

WIP here

all done in SAI on two layers (character and background).


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Stunning! 🤩

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♐️She’s getting a 2-part novel in July 2019
”The Rise of Kyoshi”…
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Awesome style and colours!
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Where are Kuruk and Yangchen?
Sagittarius09's avatar
♐️Not as interesting as Aang and Korra 
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Love it ! Remarkable work. :)
mchris28's avatar
Wow, she looks so awesome! :D
FrostyWaters's avatar
Favorite Avatar. She made the Kyoshi warriors, Nuff said.
Ichigo440's avatar
also trained the first Dai lee agents
FrostyWaters's avatar
That too. Unfortunately they didn't honor her legacy too well.
IKR, she's so bad-@$$!! Especially when she manifested at the Avatar festival to confess her murder of Qin the Conqueror.
FrostyWaters's avatar
Very badass moment.
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They're all so beautiful, I love them!
bubblybumblebee1's avatar
Very well done, it suits her badassness perfectly! She had to be the toughest Avatar that ever lived!
Would you like to draw Avatar Van, the first Avatar ?
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Fantastic great like the other tree, great work :nod:
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she is so beautiful!!! ahh i love this! :love: :love:
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Can you make one for Avatar Kuruk? Pretty please? :D
great work on the skin
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I love this style and this piece and Kiyoshi, why has she not been given any speaking roles in legend of korra yet?
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she looks EPIC:happybounce: 

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Mind if I share some of your avatar work on my facebook page? Will link back to your deviantArt profile :)
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