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Avatar Korra

Reblog on Tumblr | Sketch (along with Aang's sketch)

I'm finally DOOONNEEE D;
This is my last Avatar Mode series, Avatar Korra. This was fun :D~ I'm only doing the latest 4 avatars.
Wallpaper of all of them yes? xD; i'll put something up soon, but I want to re-do my animated short-film tutorial since I did something pretty detailed on Tumblr; but it'll be in Flash since dA can't do combinations of gifs and jpegs in a single post.

The rest of the avatars:

My other works:
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I love Korra and this looks amazing!

Rest in peace Qinni!

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Hello. Your illustration is beautiful. I would like to ask if you permit people to share your work. I'm writing a blog post about The Legend of Korra and I'd like to share your illustration. I of course always credit the people to let me use their art by writing the proper credits at the end of each blog post. Please let me know if it will be possible. 
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hudge fan of avitar!
rewatching the series now.
its really good.
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Sheer Awe ! Totally wonderful ! 💙
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This is why I'm a fan. 
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Absolutely great work!
cyclops D: hahah good job :D
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that looks fantastic and i love all of it and your other pics but you know there eyes glow blue not yellow right?
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 Could You make Avatar Wan? :D :D please! ñ_ñ
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This is brilliant. <3
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"You won't like me when I'm angry."
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for some reason I think of Cyclops from the Xmen while looking at this must be the eyes
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Incredible Avatar state art.
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Wow,  after seeing her in this pic, I feel like my butt is about to get kicked XD this is an amazing piece!
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This is amazing !!
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this is stunning!
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wow..!!! so cool!!! :iconlawooplz:
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This is so amazing!
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