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Avatar Aang

WIP | Sketch (along with Korra's sketch)

Avatar Aang in Avatar Mode
This started off when I watched Korra (the show) and saw how FREAKING HANDSOME MORE AWESOME Aang became.
I'm getting a lot better at drawing older men, as this took a LOT less time than Roku did xD.

I think I want to put these together (once I finish Korra's Avatar-mode) and make a wallpaper? maybe?

The other two:

My other works:
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Aang is best Avatar!
Beowulf1976's avatar
Thought this was awesome so shared to my facebook page:…
onomisha's avatar
Amazing ! You are an "awesome" artist. 💥
Heavelyn's avatar
I can't believe that Aang became so freaking handsome <3
ArmoredAlienArtist's avatar
you are completely right- aang got SO handsome lol
rhar1703's avatar
This is really amazing, but isn't the glow more bluish white than gold?
larocca79's avatar
joshpoint0's avatar
soooo.... ang became older?
xXKazeshiniXx's avatar
He's actually dead in the new series (or that's what they say)... So, you can tell he grew up and shit ;)
MrDevilfruit's avatar
I <3 this Pic...
I <3 you !! *-*
SocQA's avatar
BadassAang :D Damn fine job! ;)
VIKOBELO's avatar
woowwww he looks so damn bangin' Badass i can't take it! :D :heart: :heart:
Merpalercious's avatar
This is the best older Avatar Aang I've seen!
HoshisamaValmor's avatar
damn he looks fantastic :) I love your fanart of the 4 Avatars.
ElNordico's avatar
LovEya4evaXD's avatar
Aang all grown up . . . and pissed off! veryy awesome and kinda scary! :heart:
Kninjasticks's avatar
And you better believe it!
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