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A Mermaid's Wish

"She dreamed of becoming a human someday, not realizing that the human she longed for already loved another. "

I love the original little mermaid; It was seriously my childhood favourite fairytale full of bitter-sweetness. I cried buckets of tears when I first read it. xD;;

I think drawing the water broke my hand. argh D;~ I should probably draw more in-water stuff cause water is SERIOUSLY hard and I need to practice xD;; >A<;;

Done in SAI

My Tumblr (I blog/reblog more than just my art though; I also reblog inspirations I find or photography I like :))

My other works:

Thank you for dropping by :D

ps. I tried the pose myself and it worked for me o.o;~ Also worked for my mom, lol.
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This piece of art was one of my laptop's earliest wallpapers back in 2016 because I really really loved this piece... RIP qinni, I will miss you.
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That's men for you.
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don't worry my name is mergenthalerTim I now your creator (slowly slowly slowly lift the mermaid, move torts the sea, and slowly slowly slowly lower the mermaid into the water) there u go...…u can go back home now
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If she ever needs a shoulder...
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I LOVE everything about this piece! The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie as a kid (and probably the main reason I love mermaids so much), and this picture really brings out the emotion of the story. Her expression really adds a whole other level of depth to the whole piece. BTW, the colors you used here are so beautiful together!
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this looks like its inspired by loish's "surfacing" XD
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Amazing work! The imagery is really great and wonderful. The shading is well done and the details are lovely. Especially on the water and tail.
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excellent work!
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Girl you stay a fish at least you don't get periods XD
Lovely painting I like the colors small heart - purple Pixel Heart: Purple        
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this is beautiful! i always love the little mermaid, it was always one of my favorite stories :D
i love how you made her have legs above water and a tail underwater, it looks really nice that way :3
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Its my favorite story as well

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The clever illusion is well places. Awesome!
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stay a mermaid being a human is overrated
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She's adorable =3

How old is she?
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If she is talking about the original Little Mermaid, then 15 years old.
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I love your art! please think about doing a youtube tutorial on one of your pieces!
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