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111 Feet sketches / references

Reblog on Tumblr :blush:

I think I saw myself actually improve with this one. I actually started off with numbers 2 and 3 first but didn't number them until i reached about 80. reference used for most of them but the last few I could see and draw the feet without having the need to reference or having too much trouble with it, unlike at the beginning xDD. i good enough to start a feet tutorial or should i practice another 100? xD; we'll see how it goes, i guess :D

I think I want to do a hundred hands as well, but with a little more difficult poses and perspectives.
most of these I was looking at pictures on with links to random chinese sites, also my own feet was referenced (and then near the end i used no references /yay/), and some of them are referenced from *SenshiStock's stock pictures.

ps. there's something weird going on with my notes and i can't seem to open them at the moment; not sure if it's due to extremely slow internet or what, so, sorry peeps who noted me, i can't reply yet.

my tutorials:

my works:
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thanks that helpfully, althought 2020 ;)

Very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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I can already see this sheet becoming very useful for me :)
A friend tells me feet are harder to draw than hands. What do you think?
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I think they are. I can't draw feet at all but I can kinda draw hands.
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That's what I've been looking for, thank you! That'll definitely help :)
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Lovely feet. I mean, drawings. Your drawings. Of feet. Yeah.
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Snif, snif... but... ooooh it's smell so much here! (sorry for the pathetic joke, I can't stand it)
Nice sketch!
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One, thank you.
Two, why do feet have be so *insert tirade* hard! (don't answer that)
Three, nice job!
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Thank you very much!!
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Brilliant thanks
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I'm having A lot of trouble with feet so thanks!!
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Very detailed. I can credit you when i use it.
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Feet. Feet everywhere.

Thank you for this tutorial.
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Oh my. Thank you very much , feet are the bane of my drawing abilities -.-
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Awesome idea. I might have to try this. Great job!
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Nice, there are many foot poses~
waaaa esto es cool
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nice, detailed, realistic feet

thanks :) (Smile) 
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nice, I have just returned to this planet, so it is interesting, lovely stuff:D (Big Grin)
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feet, the on part of the body I have trouble with most, thanks so much this helps a lot!
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