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Primal Armors - Leviathan by Qilong Primal Armors - Leviathan :iconqilong:Qilong 12 1
The Stocky Dragon by Qilong The Stocky Dragon :iconqilong:Qilong 143 17 Theropod Herbivores by Qilong Theropod Herbivores :iconqilong:Qilong 182 23 The Best Little Oviraptorid in Mongolia by Qilong The Best Little Oviraptorid in Mongolia :iconqilong:Qilong 73 4 It's Not a Platypus by Qilong It's Not a Platypus :iconqilong:Qilong 130 20 Vignette Trio 1 by Qilong Vignette Trio 1 :iconqilong:Qilong 40 6 Yi qi Concepts by Qilong Yi qi Concepts :iconqilong:Qilong 186 17 Bok Bokka Bok by Qilong Bok Bokka Bok :iconqilong:Qilong 104 13 Fluffy Ankylosaur by Qilong Fluffy Ankylosaur :iconqilong:Qilong 88 16 Our Griffins Are Different by Qilong Our Griffins Are Different :iconqilong:Qilong 51 12 Our Chimeras Are Different by Qilong Our Chimeras Are Different :iconqilong:Qilong 60 2 Our Unicorns Are Different by Qilong Our Unicorns Are Different :iconqilong:Qilong 50 3 Toothed Birds by Qilong Toothed Birds :iconqilong:Qilong 167 15 Heart by Qilong Heart :iconqilong:Qilong 15 5 Toothed Birds by Qilong Toothed Birds :iconqilong:Qilong 39 7 Lizards Without Lips by Qilong Lizards Without Lips :iconqilong:Qilong 107 59 Piscivores - Extant and Extinct by Qilong Piscivores - Extant and Extinct :iconqilong:Qilong 52 12 Reconstruction for Anzu by Qilong Reconstruction for Anzu :iconqilong:Qilong 59 17 A Hypothetical Toothless One by Qilong A Hypothetical Toothless One :iconqilong:Qilong 100 9 Banguela or - and? - Bust by Qilong Banguela or - and? - Bust :iconqilong:Qilong 48 19 A Toothless Dsungaripterid by Qilong A Toothless Dsungaripterid :iconqilong:Qilong 26 5 Whether Shrinkwrapping by Qilong Whether Shrinkwrapping :iconqilong:Qilong 89 18 Archosaur Muscle Studies by Qilong Archosaur Muscle Studies :iconqilong:Qilong 189 21 Strange Crests of Paleo by Qilong Strange Crests of Paleo :iconqilong:Qilong 69 5


Boreal-Beast Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Your skill and techniques are incredible, but you shrink wrap your reconstructions a but too much for my taste.
Not meant to come off as rude ! Your gallery is lovely
Evodolka Featured By Owner Edited Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this art is amazing you have earned a new watch
i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future
Baby raptor icon 
Taena-Doman Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! Fantastic gallery, especially the skeletar drawings! Much details.
Qilong Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011
and hopefully they will get better, but who knows.
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