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Skyofwelkup Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
Greetings. I think these are all amazing. I was wondering if you have any intention of finishing this series. I'm always fascinated by zodiac projects and find myself eager to see the artist's interpretation of my own sign. However, the creators usually start at the traditional beginning; Aries. I'm always saddened that many people abandon these types of projects before they reach the end. Unfortunately my sign is the 11th. I know Leo was submitted in 2010 so I'm sure I'm clinging to false hope and you've probably long moved on from this, but I would like to encourage you to pick it up again. Even beyond the artwork - the provided textual explanations - are fantastic.

These have inspired me to think up the missing pieces on my own, but I'd much rather see the rest as you originally intended. This series is too wonderful to leave undone.

Btw, I checked out the rest of your gallery and everything else is equally amazing and interesting. I'm particularly fond of your "Humanistic" directory.

Keep up the great work :) and thanks for bringing this great concept to life!
Qilong Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Thanks for your interest. There is still interest on my part to finish this. However, I have been largely distracted by means, opportunity and inspiration, so while I have the interest and ideas to execute, I've not had the time and in fact also counter-inspiration to finish: I've been doing too many things and have too many inspirations otherwise that occupy my attention!
Skyofwelkup Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Thanks for the response. And I definitely understand how all that goes. I've faced similar situations with many of my own projects.
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