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Yi qi Concepts

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The new scansoriopterygid Yi qi (strange wings) tasks us with trying to make sense of two bizarre elements of preservation: a long rod like element in the arm, and odd patches of seeming seeming devoid of any fuzzage. Taking the nature of a skin membrane and a support rod, I felt that it makes more sense to look at these as bird-legged gliding mammal analogues than as some form of "real dragon," as many fantasy artists depict.

This type of Yi qi is more subtle, and the integument fuzzy, and I wonder if it's a better concept, or just an alternate one.
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So what are your thoughts on Yi qi's wings?  Batlike, or feathers covering the membranes?
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9WeegeeHobbyist General Artist
as of 2017, the membranes don't exist. it was just a misunderstanding. No, Yi Qi did not have bat wings. the "Membranes" were actually a bird-like propatagium.
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DrawingGirl4Hobbyist Filmographer
Any links of what it would look like? I want to know since I am making a alien species based on yi qi
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The one on the right reminds me of the whole "I'm not going to kill you...but I don't have to save you" bit at the end of Batman Begins for some reason.
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vasixHobbyist Digital Artist
My favorite is the running Yi, the lowermost one, simply because of how sleek and lifelike, um, avian it looks to me. 
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Definitely the most convincing depiction I've yet seen :)
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dinu1999Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great! Such a strange animal:o (Eek) 
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TheMorlockStudent General Artist
Was the tail actually preserved?
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Unfortunately, no. Both other scansors seem to have long ribbons on their tails, so they're reconstructed that way.
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TheMorlockStudent General Artist
I see.
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
Nice to see another version with short tail feathers! :D
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OaglorHobbyist Traditional Artist
What about cockatrices?
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Very delicate illustrations here - I like them a lot.  To my untrained eye, the mammal analogue looks like a good one, and it certainly looks more natural.
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ZoPteryxHobbyist General Artist
I definitely like how you gave it larger wing membranes to maximize surface area, just like modern gliders.
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The drawing at the far right still looks like a dragon.
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EtomoStudent Digital Artist
I'm much happier with the way you've attached the membrane than the way other artists have so far--you really give it a much better anchor and more surface area, which seems a lot more logical and natural than a very thin attachment to the flank. I also like the fuzzy integument and the generally soft look about it--it looks like a real animal instead of a wannabe dragon.
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So it's a fuzzy dragon. :P
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