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Tsintaosaurus, 'Spike-Head'

So ... this is how I see Tsintaosaurus, the infamous "unicorn." The skull isn't complete. The skull drawing shows one idea, and the fleshed-out idea shows another. I submitted this drawing to Prehistoric Times, so maybe it will appear in an upcoming issue ... or not. I'm not worried.
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Aug 26, 2005, 6:42:38 PM
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Naw: I had a conversation with one of the authors of the study years ago. It was inevitable.
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Very interesting... The hypothesis that assumes the presence of this "valve" on the muzzle, very believable.
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9 years later, and your prediction turns out to be true. Congratulations!!!
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Given it was a lambeosaurine, it's no surprise to me that your reconstruction turned out to be more accurate than casual unicorn :P Just came here to congratulate your prediction :)
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So this is true.^^
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Within given forms of the word "true." Prieto-Márquez and Wagner suggest the "spike" is canted backwards a bit more, which is certainly likely. But the final crest wouldn't look that much different, no.
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A 6 year old prediction! Very awesome, good sir! :D
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Very interesting.
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Yeah, I'm pretty stoked about it, too!
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Ah,Tsintaosaurus,the mesozoic unicorn
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Oh my god!!!

Thats is amazing!!!
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Thanks! It took about 3 days ... yah ... a long time.
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Interesting that your reconstruction should be so similar in some ways to Olorotitan. The paper on Olorotitan mentioned several affinities between the two genera: extra-long neck for a hadrosaur, and something about the arms and shoulders.
I've always liked one of yours. You've seen the photos of the Brachylophosaurus mummy? Very interesting when it comes to restoring hadrosaur integument.
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I liked this already when it appeared in Dinosauricon.... that hide sure looks tough.
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when stuff is missing, most possibilities stand open
*is deep*

you should allso know that i have actually allready cut that skull out, and saved it as my so far only good skull picture of Tsintaosaurus - AND even let the dotted line stay!
usually i wont allow dotted lines in my archives!
*is righteous*
i got a photo, but its BLURRED. why did that someone bother to take a photograph at all:(
*is tired*
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