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The Dilophosaurus Yawn

Dilophosaurus wetherilli is named for the explorer John Wetherill, whose nephew informed the fellows at the University of California's Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) of the finds of several specimens near Kayenta, Arizona in the then-Triassic near-Chinle rocks as they were known. Two skulls have been recovered and noted to date, but the first was in pretty terrible condition, while the second preserved a pair of crests. This gave Samuel P. Welles, then at the UCMP, the honor of naming one of the more famous of Jurassic Park dinosaurs Megalosaurus wetherilli (John Wetherill's great lizard), and then Dilophosaurus wetherilli (John Wetherill's two-crested lizard).

Here, the skulls are shown with jaws agape (left) and closed (right).
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I wonder how lips on this guy would look like.