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Prenoceratops Restored



[i]Prenoceratops peiganensis[/i] was described by Brenda Chinnery back in 2004 from her Ph.D. dissertation work. She photographed the material from a bonebed assembly, so it's impossible to tell how much of this belongs to the same individuals, but there are more than one or more present in the same bed. The surangular in the rear of the jaw is fused to the articular, and this is the holotype of [i]Prenoceratops[/i].

Here, I attempted to assemble the different elements in order to get a good idea of what the animal looks like. I used Photoshop to assemble the pieces, size them appropriately, and rotate the elements until they fit together, giving me a good idea of what shape the animal's head was. The grey, textured areas around the photographed bones is my interpretation of what most of the missing material should have.

[i]Prenoceratops[/i] comes from the Two Medicine Formation of northern Montana, USA, and so lived alongside such dinosaurs as a [i]Stenonychosaurus[/i]-like troodontid with nests, the centrosaurine ceratopsids [i]Einiosaurus[/i] and [i]Achelousaurus[/i], the large tyrannosaur [i]Albertosaurus[/i], the large hadrosaur [i]Maiasaura[/i] and hordes of nests, and the small ornithopod [i]Orodromeus[/i]. The Two Medicine Formation comes from the middle Campanian, and was the same age as the Dinosaur Provincial Park beds of Alberta, Canadam and the Judith River Formation of Montana, USA.
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Gotta admit I was rather surprised to see how old this post is. I think it illustrates just how much you've progressed in your work while still being good work.