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Oviraptorosauria Snouts



I used my favorite pen in the entire universe, a Pigma Micron 005, to make this. since each skull normally is a whole 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper in size (with a few small exceptions at the top of the page), these are not small, and Citipati osmolskae, my first completed in this series, is my best and favorite.


I've finally gotten around to fixing some of this, The original files for these individual images are currently on another, inaccessible harddrive. As such, this is the best rosulution you get.

A, Incisivosaurus gauthieri; Protarchaeopteryx robustus (not included) is too incomplete to include, but would be similar.
B, Caudipteryx, based on an unnamed species.
C, Caudipteryx zoui.
D, Avimimus portentosus.
E, an unnamed oviraptorid, based on two specimens in private hands; some specimens appear to be present in institutional hands, which may lead to this animal receiving a name at some point soon.
F, Wulatelong gobiensis.
G, Oviraptor philoceratops.
H, Citipati osmolskae.
I, an unnamed oviraptorid, GI 100/42, which has been considered very close to Citipati osmolskae but represents a form rather distinct from it.
J, Nemegtomaia barsboldi.
K, Rinchenia mongoliensis.
L, Banji long, possibly the smallest oviraptorid.
M, an oviraptorid specimen, ZPAL MgD-I/95, which has been referred to a variety of taxa; the distinctly curved mandible is most similar to "Ingenia" yanshini.
N, an unnamed oviraptorid, in the PIN collections of St. Petersburg, which represents a new species.
O, Conchoraptor gracilis; newer specimens help clarify some of the anatomy shown here with extensive hatching.
P, Khaan mckennai, noted for its very sloped snout.
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Is E Corythoraptor?