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Identification Puzzle

Challenging viewers to identify this. Be mindful that this IS art, it is not intended to be a perfect rendering, and thus some generalities may come close. It may merely approximate something, and thus not actually BE a specific species. It IS a reptile, however.

You may also answer here: [link]

(I decided to compose this primarily through cross-hatching, a technique used in the Russian and Chinese schools, and somewhat in various European arenas.)

Update: Thanks to responders: I have posted the answer on my blog: [link] But just to let you guys know ... It's a rhynchosaur! Not what you might expect at first glance. Flesh around the head of odd skulls may obscure details such as beak-like features, or even add swaths of flesh around the head and make what looks like a deranged cross-bill cross-bred with a toothless lizard into something ... normal looking.
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I must admit, it has taken me some time (and will continue to take time) for me to accept your depiction above as an acceptable, even probably, restoration for this animal.

My problems are purely personal, though: I grew up, as many fossil fans, musing over recreations of extinct animals in picture books I had as a very little boy. I remember seeing paintings and an early animation of early therapods in the Triassic, and they always seemed to either be eat or harrassing either rhynchosaurs or dicynodonts...
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And they all took the head as a shrink-wrapped version of the head. But we know all living reptiles have far, far more complex soft-tissue than they are given credit for. I don't expect people to just blindly accept my arguments: I welcome their refutations. But I do take issue with how they reject my arguments: They should not be merely based on a personal, non-rational belief otherwise. I don't mean to say this to claim your view is less right, or that mine is more.
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Very true.
I just finished reading the article you wrote in your blog about this, and I must say I quite like the argument you've made. I'm now musing over just how much this may alter our perception of these animals, though considering that cultural depictions of extinct animals often lag behind what is known by science, I suspect it will take some time.
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This alters our perceptions a little. You'd be amazed how many people do not flesh out their fossil reconstructions, and instead simply apply "bare bones" reconstruction. Bones are merely mostly what we have left of an intact animal, so getting that intact animal again would be amazing.
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I'd go with some rhynchosaur too.
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I'm such an ignorant...I'd say some kind of rhynchosaur...
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Haven't heard that one yet. I suggest you and future responders drop a statement on the blog (no registration or name required).
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Ah, ok. Sorry then ;)
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Oh, no, don't apologize. I just want to collect different id's in one place. Not many of the paleo responders have a DA account, and the blog doesn't limit responders.
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Polyglyphanodontid? Sphenodontian?
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love the pose.. as to your challenge... have no idea.. is it a skink?
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Can't answer that ... yet. I will have the answer in one week, with the skull for this animal.
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