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A Panoply of Oviraptorosaurs



A revamp, from which there will be a further revamp, of one of my most popular images: The Panoply of Oviraptorosauria.

Caudipterids are at the top right, and along the top and left are the basal, noncaenagnathid, nonoviraptorid oviraptorosaurs. In the top half are several caenagnathids, not including Caenagnathus collinsi or sternbergi; in the bottom half are oviraptorids, which now includes the newly-described Wulatelong gobiensis

Not shown include Gigantoraptor erlianensis, which would require me to double the size of this image; Luoyanggia liudianensis, which is a partial pelvis with eggs inside; Banji long, based on a partial neck and skull; the possible caenagnathid Similicaudipteryx yixianensis; Caenagnathasia martinsoni, a central Asian species; and the oviraptorid Machairasaurus leptonychus. And, of course, Rinchenia mongoliensis, for which we have much of the skeleton, but it has been so poorly made available in print that it is useless to devise a skeleton.
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Oviraptors are one of my favorite dinosaurs. They are honestly cooler than raptors and besides everyone already says that those are their favorite cause of Jurassic Park