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I truly appreciate all of the positive comments I have received on this work of art. I've gotten soooooooo many messages and feedback that its gonna take me forever to read them all! And even longer to respond.

So I'd like to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to everyone who has commented. Also thanks for the Deviation as well. I'm not really sure how that works but its really cool.

Spread Love To The Whole World
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You are amazing! Don't list it as grffitti! Haha
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This is way too pretty for you to list it under the Graffiti category. XD It's more like a mural. Really cool!
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Haha, this is really funny and amazing!
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This... is fantastic. I now provide you with your virtual cookie.
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I wish it was edible.
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Congrats on the DD, it's very pretty!
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Wow this is amazing! I love graffiti; but i would love to know if you ask to do this sort of thing or if it if more like "look a wall! I'mma paint it!" Also how tall is this wall? It looks huuge and it seems like you would have to use a latter to paint? Anyway i would love to know if you can spare a moment :) Cograds on the well deserved DD!
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Well Filly, the owner of the building got in contact with me and said that she wanted to hire me to paint anything on her building to cover up all the random tags and writing that was once there. But yes, sometimes I just find a wall and say I'm going to paint it. If its a business though I usually like to get the owners permission as to not risk getting arrested. Because the cops do come. lol

This particular wall is really big probably about 12-15ft at its tallest and maybe about 8ft at the shortest end. I definitely had to use a ladder.
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Thank you for your reply! That is very interesting; i had always wondered if building owners approached artists or the other way around: it sounds like a bit of both! Premission is probably good lol nobody likes being arrested! :D

Wow that wall is huge as it appears! I feel llike usign a latter would make art hard; seems like it would through your perspective off at times. You did very well! :)
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That's pretty awesome!!!
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Congrats on the DD!
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i love it can i make it my timeline cover ?
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reminds me of the one in san diego....alas....they took it down though T_T
but i'm so happy there are new ones going up around the world <3
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I havn't seen that one but I know there are several artist who do the underwater theme...
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Wonderful! Congrats on the DD!
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I appreciate it! Thanks
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