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Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 12 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 0 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 0 0 Img 1107 by QHOSTB0Y Img 1107 :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 0 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 1 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 0 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 0 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 3 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 0 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 3 0 Untitled by QHOSTB0Y Untitled :iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 0 0
i think about the fleeting tendencies of time
spending every night by an open window
watching the stars move like a projection
celestial bodies lie
and convince us that we're treading water
lukewarm, trickling lifetimes
ebbs and flows like a resting heart beat
a sedative tempo
but in a flicker of sunrises and sunsets
from one stage to the next
the pulse of existing
shows the age of the universe,
of the sky
of you
and of i 
:iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 2 0
i've fallen in love
with faces and voices and stories
from far away and too close
on summer nights
under city lights
with people on trains
and passerbys
and songs
always songs and poems
and pages
i've fallen in love
with the feeling of falling
:iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 2 0
i've finally checked out

just skin and bone and blood
filled with failing caffeine
holding face to face
conversations with the ceiling
:iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 3 1
the way the cool breeze
of those humid nights
tingled the skin
of my lower back
and sips of rosé
tinted our cheeks pink
leaving us naked
dancing in the moonlight
how every song
played that night
sounded like it was written
with these memories of mine
:iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 3 0
others wished for that kind of connection
the magnetic, electric, passion
of soulmates destined for one another
in every lifetime, until the end of time
connected by an entangled mess of heartstrings
each leading them back home
through every culmination of stars
being reborn two half’s of the same whole
it was something in their souls
that created an all-consuming gravity
burning hearts orbiting like galaxies
colliding somewhere within it all
:iconqhostb0y:QHOSTB0Y 4 0


The Wrath Of Mom by Kriskullett The Wrath Of Mom :iconkriskullett:Kriskullett 32 5 Stumbling across the sun by TheGirlOfTomorrow Stumbling across the sun :iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 19 7 Summer moon by TheGirlOfTomorrow Summer moon :iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 8 0
Don't you get it?
I can't kill the darkness
inside of me
without killing the light
as well.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 21 8
I caught his breath
in another woman's voice,
it smelled like cigarettes
and sins -
I feasted on it
with a hunger for chaos
and a thirst for self-destruction.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 13 9
The skin never forgets
I'm wearing your fingerprints
and I know
I'll never be naked again.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 26 10
A wake-up call for living by TheGirlOfTomorrow A wake-up call for living :iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 3 0
the line between realism and everything else
these are the sorts of things
that make me want to
stop writing poetry.
to stop scrawling illegibly on
restaurant napkins or
my arm or
whatever i can find because my mind
just won't stop
racing with
words that wrestle to be heard, but
i have seen these words come alive between lines or
freckles and
it is not a pretty sight.
there are monsters that
recite every line and
hold my hand as i try to get them right and
they are not something i think i should be
shedding light upon because
i do not want to be second-handedly responsible for tearing apart someone else's mind,
but even if that is not the case,
i find that
rereading everything that's spilled from
my mind has just about the same effect
every time:
i get papercuts and headaches and
pains like 
all my limbs break for the very first time
(it is again, but it feels like
i didn't learn the first hundred times and
maybe i didn't and
maybe i never will).
:iconxfuture-boundx:xfuture-boundx 22 11
lead me by a string around my wrist
i am chaos,
a hyperactive volcano erupting perpetually,
there is not a moment that goes by that i am not
i am not in love with feeling
i cannot discern whether the spark
in my chest (in my throat in my heart smoke lungs and poisoned arteries)
will build me up or tear me down,
but recently i haven't had much aside from the latter,
it seems that every time i get the
courage to start climbing again
i miss a rung and
fall back to where i started,
so maybe i'll just stay on the
ground, face down,
savor the feeling of not feeling (the one that
makes your chest tight, makes you
want to die, locks the mechanics that function to
keep you alive)
i am not in the business to cope with
loss / abandonment / moving (on)
(at this point they're all the same to me, really),
and how lucky i am, that everyday i greet another only to
bid them farewell,
i am not fond of the feeling of
leave me.
but you're leaving me.
you're going to get in your car and
drive away and that's
:iconxfuture-boundx:xfuture-boundx 16 8
Creation #3 by Ramonn90 Creation #3 :iconramonn90:Ramonn90 265 1 Drawing Practice by Ramonn90 Drawing Practice :iconramonn90:Ramonn90 126 5
Death Is A Rose
I shall never ask for immortality what use is so many years to me if I can't make use the few given me.
How lonely to live forever, oh ho solemn to never cease that rapid beat of one's tired heart.
Never should things thus so lovely last forever. Even stars, each come to fade; each blade of grass shalt wither. No rose would be so lovely if its red blush bloom forever.
To love life fully to hold friends dear; one must know that all that breathe will soon come to die; for death can never beget life but life shall always perish ever birth a death now certain cry the child; he will know that this new thing soon fade. Death hearkens but a mile away.
Should these words be so easily spoke once May does past and October engulf my world at last? Only the clock can tell; such is the chiming of the bells.
:iconindra1408:Indra1408 10 7
OTPs by doodlemeimpressed OTPs :icondoodlemeimpressed:doodlemeimpressed 5 0 Ciel by doodlemeimpressed Ciel :icondoodlemeimpressed:doodlemeimpressed 8 0 Deer Monster by doodlemeimpressed Deer Monster :icondoodlemeimpressed:doodlemeimpressed 12 0 Rotting corpse by anasofiajc Rotting corpse :iconanasofiajc:anasofiajc 66 15



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poetry & painting
i just love making art


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