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few hours with a paper and black pen

thin border
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yep, very reminiscent of escher. really nice work :)
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thats... damned nice :)
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Were you looking at the work of Escher when you drew this?
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jesus christ wow haha excellent aspect
knold's avatar
that's freakin awesome.. you are definately very talented; and you have a extrememly fun gallery..
qda's avatar

thanks, so do you :P
mirrin's avatar
Wow! A wonderful piece of work. So much stuff to look at! :D

yakiroba's avatar
WOW that's intense!!! super nice work! :D
lrenhrda's avatar
Wow, I like this piece very much. I don't see so much Escher in it as others here have, but that's not a bad thing. I love the attention to detail, and the fact that you can get lost in the image, exploring every nook and cranny.
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Fantastic magic. Creativity from the realms of Pink fLoyd......very reminiscent of the Relics Cover and one of the scenes in the Wall..... great great work!!!!!! :thumbsup:
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thanks for the comments :)
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Aw, pa ovo sam ja nacrtao, pise dole desno. ;P
qda's avatar
hahahaha! good one :D

and thanks for the fav :)
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You gotta be some kind of genius... This is one of the most impressing pieces I've ever seen! :+fav:
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my eyes are bleeding now
statichavoc's avatar
very damn nice... i love all the small things in this picture... like the where's waldo, the needle... and what appears to be a giant Shredder! The guitar being central is damn good. You spent hours drawing it... one could spend hours unraveling it. Great job. :+fav:
Doubtful-Della's avatar
Holy crap I'm at a loss for words.... so much detail... it's like a Richard Scarry book
life-is-trippy's avatar
this is crazy, i love it. especially the randomness, and chaos of the scene. excellent work.

i agree with that person ^
darkrune's avatar
holy crap...detail...too much....:eyepopping:

if this ever becomes coloured, i'll have to :worship: and call you my god(ess).
FraggleTheSixth's avatar
I love it. Very Escher-esque. It's amazing what a few hours with paper and pen can do, eh?

Consider it a fav, m'dear.
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:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :omfg: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

this is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap! wow.... i wish i had 1/2 the talent you have. i mean really, wow... i don't know what to say...

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