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palette tester

kinda boring
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a beaver utopia :)
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dood! I love the reflections on the water!
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Not boring at all.
It's like..a fantasy house XD
It's too groovy =D
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I think that the reason that it looks boring is because past the building,(which is cool), there isn't really anything to look at. It doesn't make sense that there's a man rowing to or from it in a boat because the building looks uninhabited, and such a large, intricate building would have things in the windows, people going about their buisness, and other such things. He could be looking at it out of intrest in an old, abandond structure, but everything seems to be in good repair and the colors look new and bright like they were freshly painted. The problem, as I see it, is that it looks as though it was just put there too look at and not touch, like a room from a magazine, which is nice and crisp but lacks anything human to relate to and gets boring after 5 seconds.

Sorry, I got really wordy there, I do like the picture, especially the achitecture.
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That'd be an awesome house to live in! The castle turret (or whatever it is) makes it for me!
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looks great to me...
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Boring? I think it's awesome! :D
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o_o at the details... ah, I love the colors xD
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Wow, this is really awesome. Nice style and colors. What'd you use for this, if you don't mind my wondering?
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photoshop 7 and a mouse.. is that what you meant?
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Mmmhm, looks damn good; even more-so for a mouse. I am jealous ;C
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VERY slick. I am really diggin' the reflections.
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like the cartoony style though
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Cool, well done!
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you call it boring!
wonderful job, if being bored made you create it, then I wish I was bored more often :clap: :clap: the idea of this water-house is so great, whole pic is so holidays-like and lovely! I generally adore your backgrounds, those showing city look so cyber-punk futuristic ! I'll watch you!
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Just randomly browsing, and this caught my eye when I was snooping through your gallery. It is very cool, very alive, very vibrant. I love the creativity behind it, the colours, the brightness. Well done. :)
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Ah, beautiful. I came to your page checking out your work after the quite refreshing comment on the DA publicity stunt with the newspaper. I am glad to see that you infact have a right to complain. Your work is creative. I would have commented to back you up, but DA is simply overrun by imitators and the argurment would see no affect.
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this is great, I love those crazy reflections and the complex designs of all the small parts. Obviously took alot of skill and the title makes me think that this wasn't even you at your best; so really makes me wonder about that cause it's just amazing.
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thank you so much for the words
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this is wondereful, as much so as the future-scape.
if you really want suggestions, which you say you do, i'll volunteer one, please forgive me for being so bold, it is not my standard practice.
i think the "palette tester" is a phenomenal success. the colors are used intelligently, and the overall impression is one of harmony. to apply a metaphor, this picture is an essay. the colors are the sort of, moods--like maybe types of sentence, like exclamation or question; the shapes are the sentences, when large, or punctuation when small. The foreground structure is then the body of the essay. The body is coherent, but gets carried away in its eloquence with, perhaps, a number of simlar sentences in a row, which gets a tad tedious. this is not a major problem in light of the overall quality of the work, but if one wanted to correct it, one might consider breaking up the flow of "similar" sentences with some punctuation, such as the two or three blue and light blue sheets stretched between what look like sticks on the right side of the second story and a peep of another on the left of the third. they are just right, and i think sum more may be just the right thing. maybe or maybe not, i don't know, i tried. it's good if you do nothing, too. i'd hang it on my "fridge".
take care man. actually now the more i look at it the more i think maybe i wouldn't touch it's good.
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wow, thanks for the words

yeah i do see, and agree with the suggestions, they make a lot of sense. thing is, this was more of an excercise in patience and just an experiment using the technique cause i'd never done anything like it before. so yeah, im happy with the final result only cause its a 'catchy' piece, and easy to look at, but i dont like the fact that people find this to be my best work in my gallery.. its a shallow piece, no message, no thought behind it, just mental masturbation..

im gonna have to start doing art again very VERY soon, or i'll go nuts

anyhoo, thanks again
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