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didn't make the cut

here are the transformers that just didn't quite make the cut..
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Awesome. The Rubik cube one is funny.
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hahahahaha... pure hilarity
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seeing as there was a transformer that turned into a dollar-freakin-bill BOOMBOX,
i tihnk that these would all make the cut.
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that fully crossed my mind, but a boombox is cool... these are all, as someone put it, associated with old people .. heh

and somehow, i still dont think pedo van would reaaaally make it..
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I want a Rubix action figure dammit!! only problem is, not only would I have a hard time "transforming" the bastard, but then I would have to put the colors back together >.< I still want one.
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waahahah! exellent
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I think that I like Cyberslice the best. :)
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you're not the first :D

thanks and word
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i associate all of those, except the bento box with old people.
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ah.. i guess you cracked the case then
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i dunno why. there are a lot of sick kids.
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hehe..thats fantastic
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haha, I loved The Bento Box, awesome job.
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haha :P there good they should make some of these.
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