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anna's gothic

this is Anna's work, i'm just the guy on the right.
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JacquiJax's avatar
Thats really cute :D
Tepara's avatar
Hello :D
A quick message just to let you know this has been featured in MY JOURNALL under the "Twos better then one" Section of it.
Please take a few mins to take a look at the other art featured in my journal too, feedback on art is helpful :D

Thank you for your great art :D
zakovska's avatar
and what a lucky guy you are :D
fractionalself's avatar
What a wonderful contrast of modern and traditional. Really unique take on an old picture. Beautiful.
sleurope's avatar
very nice photo! =)
Gustavs's avatar
This is great! It's so white! Great job :+favlove:
grotto's avatar
other than a few technical issues this is one of the most interesting images I have seen in a long time. well thought out. and has a lot to offer on many different levels. Irony, juxapositon, social commentary, etc.
qda's avatar
what are the technical issues?
grotto's avatar
ok some of this is subjective... 1. the "american gothic" print is not parallel to the frame of the image, but not enough to make me believe it is deliberate. I looks like a mistake. 2.) in the same "plane" the horizon line of the bed is also "just a bit off" but not enough to make me feel like it was thought out. 3. your High Key is blown out. (on my spyder calibrated apple cinema display) I loose the definition of the pillows and the bedspead. As I see this the whole point of the models is to break the symetry of the image. With the laptops skewed, and her leaning over, it adds humanity and dynamic to the scene. Ok there you go. I still love this!
DalaiHarma's avatar
hehe SNAP!

You think maybe we were in the room nextdoor?

Nicely done ;)
qda's avatar

but there's only room for one in this world!
they shall now fight forever to the death

DalaiHarma's avatar
There can be only One...

1saint's avatar
God this peice kicks ass. I love the contrast of the old/modern. And the use of the white works amazingly well on the eye - relay these comments to Anna. :)

one thing... the alignment of the peice is bugging me a little.... you could probably fix it easily in PS easily.... :O
rhyspaterson's avatar
Ahah thats amazing! I love the idea, beautiful!
kreecha's avatar
This is so cute :D

Love it
Cerealboy's avatar
thats ace... its kinda saying...

"im married to work..." or

"haha i love my job"



your a lucky fella
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