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This was done by my girlfriend Anna, so all credit goes to her! I just smoked a bowl and took my pants off.
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I thought that it was about recycling paper... Good idea and second that maybe you should not have the idea to smoke in that area... One question to Anna what did you give him to drink to be on the picture... He doesn't seem really wake up ? :clap:
laugh a lot, Thanks :heart: Jack
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great great great :D
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Bhahahhaa house of paper!
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really like this one `~ :D
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ur girlfriend rocks. :D
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first reaction when i saw this: lol :giggle:

okay, i hafta admit that the pubic hair was a little disturbing.
but it doesnt hence take away any artistic merit from this photo.
it is undeniably a great shot. :thumbsup:

as everyone else,
i love the newspaper background.
it makes u stand out... lol :P
the colors and lighting were great;
so was ur expression!!
composition was very gd and concept needless to say...

a definite :+fav:;
pubes or not. ;P
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thank you so much for your comments and favs!
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:aww: no problem at all...
they'r gd works anyway. :)

and thanx for adding me on ur friends list. :hug:
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hahaha! love the scene!
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I :heart: this picture so much, the concept is fantastic, and the model (you, I assume?) look so... meh! I love it a lot :D
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thank you :)
yes that is me :P
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Haha, awesome :D
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ahahahaahh :D
i totally love this !!
the newspaper thing is so funny it's a great idea !
and your expression's funny too.. it really looks like you just woke up :D

bravo to your girlfriend she rocks !

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thank you

cute gallery yourself
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I like it! hauahuhua great job !
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wow, if only this happened everytime I toked a bowl and took my pants concept and execution
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Briliant idea!

...and your grimace is so funny, sad and strange at the same time. :D

Beautiful work. ;)
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thank you :)
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absolutely mindblowing. artistic girlfriend you have there (:
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haha, awesome. that is so cool of her, how long did that take?
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