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PR test 7

this is what [link] will look like when its done :)
check it out
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The depth of focus that you did with the drawings over the picture make it seem so much more realistic
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BrittathaAmEiSe's avatar this too.!
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i like the idea, it is so creative!
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Wow ! I like it very much !
Great works :D
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you should see that website.. zach the director put up some cool clips on it for the movie :)
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If you can tell me the site i'll see .. it's really great :)
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oh shit, sorry, i thought the link was in the description

well it is now

and to save you having to find it, here you go [link]
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I saw the link ... absolutely great ! :D
Thank you for the link ;P
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This is cool.... :|
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hehe wow that is so cool, even got accurate depth of feild, lush!
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that is so amazing. what a fantastic idea.
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Havent seen this one yet, looks great...
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oh my gosh thats so cute!
im in love with it!
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This is neat and splendiferus,
see also: cool
see also: interesting.

You could totally make a whole niche out of making these notebook paper worlds on reality, and make them huge print size.
THen around your exhibit, you could create little paper cut outs to go around the room and exist as though your pieces arent actually
manipulations but something that exists in the real world and your really a photography.

and then ofcourse you could sell the tshirts, and pins and stickers...
Oh the merchandizing the merchandizing.

Am the merchant of mischeif.
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ill leave that up to the producer hehe
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.................................. This is just.........perfect........................
..I love the whole idea. Everyhting fits in its place so perfectly.......... I deffinitely have to find someone to teach me do this.

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thank you very much!
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