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PR battle up close 6

the focus is all over the place, so it looks sloppy and shitty.. we're gonna change the way we draw them with the next one..

anyhoo.. i did all the drawing over top zig's maya render of the notebook/desk/binder

this is done for Paradise Redrawn, the movie.. check out the website: [link]
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I like this. Center of a crowd focus really caught my attention. 
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how do you make these add more to your webcomic
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That's such a clever idea -- who hasn't had a notebook doodle war?
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very very nice !! ^^
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this is such a great idea!
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this is crazy cool. even though the focus is off, i thought it was done purposely. heat of the battle kind of thing. but great job.
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I just looked at the site and I gotta say I can't wait to see it finished. It looks like it'll be great. Awesome concept. I love this picture. It's epic. XD
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Fuck, that's awesome.
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This is so awsome! You give the perfect ilusion that we see a real battle... with drawings!!! Wow, I love it :)
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hahaha. creative
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Love it..!..awesome idea..!..:clap:
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i love it. how do you do this?
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I'm a sucker for this shit =P it looks so randomly, absurdly good.
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MAn, i can't wait to see this in action!!!! That maya fly-thru of the desk and binders is AMAZING! I think this things gonna be BIG! Keep up the good work.

Do you know when you guys might be finished?
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I sort of like how the focus is all over the place. it makes it look chaotic and confused, which I asume a battle is.
The only thing that bothers me is that the two closest images look like mirrors of eachother. it might be more interesting to have them doing things not so similar to one another. but that's just me.....
but I like it! hahaha. really!
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interesting suggestion :)
thanks a lot!
Hahaha! Nice concept. Good job. How did you make the arrows fly?
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i drew them like that

is that what you're asking?
Yeah. I find it really interresting.
because I like your concept of the paper war. And the way you planned all out. It's eye catching.
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well thank you :)

check out the revamped website for the movie
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