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this is amazing. I can kind of understand how you did it...but it boggles my head.

can yu upload a version without the figures?

that would look amazing too.
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this is pretty darn awesome man, the work you put in really pays off and the overall look is awesome. Keep it up man.
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wow, this is really really cool... :nod:
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that looks so cool and crazy!, so amazing, how did you do it?
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well.. the photos are explained in hte above comments

the silhouettes are just illustrator vectoring over top of photos of me in motion...

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whoa, your effort rly shows! total swank! and very useful for reference if anyone needed one for inside a bus :>
qda's avatar
dunno about reference, its not too precise

BUT thanks :)
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CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME! you're welcome.
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I still cannot figure out how you too these shots... I mean, I believe you, but still. 0_O
Interesting idea, to say the least. I quite like it.
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take a bunch of shots by hand with flash on a bus
then take them into photoshop and cut out the parts you need (meaning you cant use a seat and piece of floor from the same shot) and transform>distort until they're all orthagonal and stuff and then collage them together using transparency blending modes til it looks alright

its simple it just takes a long time

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But what about the aerial views?
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why would they be any different from the side view?
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I just, I dunno, I don't get how you got the aerial shots, they look like they were taken from above the bus.
I think I'm just slow. You don't have to explain, haha.
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yeah cause i made them look like that

selection tool (to cut out JUST a seat) and the transform>distort tool (to make it look like it was taken from directly above and not from the middle of the isle)

maybe you just dont know photoshop too well... :P
seenew's avatar
I do know photoshop well! :( I've used it for like eight years! :fork:
I just didn't get that you had distorted them THAT much. I didn't look at the fullview, either. :P
I get it now.
You pulled it off well.
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if you like, i can send you the full rez bus so you can see how patchy it really is up close
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edit: I've only ever been on one bus in i can't speak for all of them =P I use the subway
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hm interesting project..they're exactly like the toronto busses, fancy that :P i'm wondering how you got the interior pics of the bus, or did you draw that yourslef, they look photographic in quality :| very cool.
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i patched the backgrounds from point and shoot pics to give it that shabby collage look.. manually in photoshop..

thx :)
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good stuff, looks real good
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