Nanking Massacre
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Nanking fell to Japan 69 years ago from today. Spread the word about the Nanking massacre, whether it be through facebook, email, or by mouth. If you do not know what it is, please read the information below. If for some reason, the rape and murder of thousands of women and children is not important enough for you to read, take a look at… .

"During the occupation of Nanjing, the Japanese army committed numerous atrocities, such as rape, looting, arson and the execution of prisoners of war and civilians. Although the executions began under the pretext of eliminating Chinese soldiers disguised as civilians, a large number of innocent men were wrongfully identified as enemy combatants and killed, or simply killed in any event as the massacre gathered momentum. A large number of women and children were also killed, as rape and murder became more widespread."

"A number of Japanese cabinet ministers, as well as some high-ranking politicians, have also made comments denying the atrocities committed by the Japanese army in World War II. Some subsequently resigned after protests from China and South Korea. In response to these and similar incidents, a number of Japanese journalists and historians formed the Nankin Jiken Chōsa Kenkyūkai (Nanjing Incident Research Group). The research group has collected large quantities of archival materials as well as testimonies from both Chinese and Japanese.

While most in Japan do not deny that a massacre took place in Nanking, the more hardline members of the government cabinet feel that the extent of crimes committed has been exaggerated in order to give a pretext to surging Chinese nationalism." taken from…

Thanks for your time. Remember to spread the word by reposting, telling someone, etc.
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