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Giantess friend

By Qazxswedcxsw
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Lucy and Bert are best friends in college both were 20 years old Lucy was working on her science project a shrink ray one weekend she had Bert around to watch movies Bert excused himself to go to the toilet on his way to the toilet he saw her school bag resting on the wall near the door he was careful noone was around Lucy still watching her back to him so he looked through the bag there was just a bunch of papers and folders then in one of the pockets was a small device looked just like a laser pointer so it just took it out then he put it in his pocket and went to the bathroom did his business flushed the toilet and then took it out to see if he could figure it out he pressed a button on it and got hit by a ray of light he was shrunk on the bathroom floor he ran back to the couch which took awhile Lucy thought what's taking so long she got up walking to the toilet bet was right near her feet as she got up he just avoided being crushed underfoot meanwhile she got to the toilet seeing the ray on the floor she now knew what he did she was angry now looking for Bert on the floor she didn't find him so went back to the couch she then saw a tiny thing moving she didn't know what it was just said eww and stepped on it she thought to herself I wish that was Bert after he was so nosey going through her things little did she know it actually was Bert crushed under her stinky foot
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Perfect story, thank you so much