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T-shirt design 1

Hello, This is just a T-shirt design i did for a client, I did this to his specifications.
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its wooooowwwwwww
really inspiring
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Thanks a lot! I'm shocked and glad it inspired you :)
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WICKED!!!! :+fav: lovin the colour scheme
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Do you do designs for companies?
I'd really love to have some of your designs on future t-shirts of mine.
Please write back.
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Hello, sorry for the late reply.

I have done a bit of work for companies and I am interested in taking it further.

I'm really flattered that you would like designs of mine on t-shirts and I will make some more in the future.
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That's really great news.
I'm going to be designing some prototypes soon after summer, hopefully with your designs.

When they're done I'll get them on here and we can discuss it further.
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really cool design for a T-shirt! It's great!! When are you going to more work?
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Forgot to add the XD at the end, lol.
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Hoo hoo hoo a *Client* now? *raises eyebrows* Lol. It's great, I can really picture that on a T-shirt. I'd like to see it on one.
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Are you sure that all the details will show on the final print?
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i did what he asked, and im sure he has knowledge of the printing process :)

he didnt want high res as they do here at DA (for high quality printing)
but hey, im just the designer.
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okay :) nice job by the way :)
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nice design for a t-shirt! it's very colorful! :D
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I must say, that's a lot of specifications...great work!
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That's heaps cool and abstract! Well done!
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very nice. I like it. :+fav:
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hell ya.
this is awesome, id buy ths shirt:D
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