Great Old Space Pics of Artists

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Deep Space by arisechicken117A Million Tales by BaroFailures Burden by ErikShoemaker
Artemis - 2 by ifreexCor Tauri by TobiasRoetschStellar Pedestal by Nuukeer
Dying System by guckenMeans Of Existence by synax444
Galaxy Doodle by Sniper115A3Phenomenon by KennethJensen4312 - Voyager by StefanHuerlemann
Broken Heart by JoeyJazzOutburst by Kaioshenabeona by nisht
Distance by danich01Terminal Velocity by Nameless-Designer

Hi there everyone! Happy Saturday for you all... by the way first of all, run to my gallery I posted a new wallpaper yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, the reason I made this features is because I was just looking at someone's favourites and I found a classical looking space pic and I thought it was good. I dunno maybe my mood was for good classical space pics so I clicked it to view it and then found who was the artist then I went like oh that's awesome I've never thoght he was the one and the pic looked good and desrved a moment to look at and stuff.... so thought why not making a collection adding a good looking classical space pic of each artist that comes to my head and there you go! I made sure to choose the ones seem different to the new ones of the artists, so I hope you enjoy this collection! This journal is posted for fun and i hope you just enjoy the collection (again) and that my description wasn't too long lol, ok bye!
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thanks for the feature! To think that some of these were my absolute idols and now my picture is amongst them :D
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Awesome stuff! :-D
Sniper115A3's avatar
Thanks for the feature man :)
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good old times ;) thanks a lot for the feature.
anna-nubi's avatar
What a neat collection :heart:
Kaioshen's avatar
Wow, stepped back in time. These were great days, I kind of miss them. Thanks for including mine.
Felewin's avatar
lol totally understand, I get in the classical mood a lot :Þ
nice choices for sure, recognize a few too ツ
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Great feature. I remember some of these from way back when I used xp and vista.
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