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Hi all and how are you doing? 

well ya its been a while posting something ever and I dont brows much and stuff in here as in Deviant Art in general mostly because I never have time now .... with the technology of nowadays i bet people are being busy from DA and im not sure if im right or wrong but first of all Space Art community sadly is getting really dead!!!!!! mean few years ago Ive seen some known Space Artists really kept showing new stuff but now rarely seeing people posting Space Arts and also noticed something else while scrolling DDs... I mean barely seeing comments and stuff! SO I want u guys to correct me if Im wrong if DA still active or the same and if really social apps are talking over here .... etc! 

Hello and welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW years are running so fast :wow: but I remember how awesome joining this great community because I love art so much and from here I learned much much much from great artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love DA so much and how my life gets busy I still be here and showing art and watching others do the same! I can simply confess here's a very good place I appreciate the most in my life and I want to thank all the good people who have featured my work as DDs! I present all of my activities all those years!!! I had much benefits from this website... I have millions of letters to set today .... :love: but last ones will be " ALWAYS THANKS TO ALL SUPPORTERS FOR MY STUFF"
And all people being nice and loving my art I appreciate that so so so much :heart: :cry: 

For this occasion I'd like to present some of my wallpapers for free for limited time:
Silent Mountains by QAuZBeautiful Journey by QAuZ
Space in Blue by QAuZ

Last but not least my new stock image of space background or Milky Way for free :love:

Milky Way space background stock by QAuZ

My groups:

:iconforgottengalaxy: :iconworth-dds::iconepic-hd-wallpapers:

I'm so so so so glad my work turned good and many liked it!!!!!!!!! I'm just so happy and then it got a Daily Deviation! I'm so thankful and big thanks to both   Ellysiumn  Gejda :hug: :love:

  Magical Sky Touch by QAuZ

And also thanks to my watchers as well for keep supporting :love: :heart: :hug: 

Hi guys! Thanks so much for all the happy birth day comments they always warm my heart as always, and a special thanks to my lovely friend tsahel for the birthday gift 

alien industrial complex by tsahel

It's really beautiful and I like it :love:

This is a little contest to win some free wallpapers...

How to participate:

Just post a comment in here writing why you like my art! 

( And I will pick 3 comments I like the most :) )

The deadline:

January 15

The prizes:

1st place: 10 free wallpapers!
2nd place: 5 free wallpapers!
3rd place: 2 free wallpapers!

Hey guys, how are you doing? I was planning to make discounts on some of my wallpapers or stock packs during the end of last year but got so busy because of my work when it was the end of semester.... Anyways, so I thought why not make a contest to win some free wallpapers! I just want to see if anyone would be interested!!!!... And the prizes will be like for first place wins 10 free wallpapers ( which will be chosen by the winner) and second 5 wallpapers...etc! So who would participate ( just say "I will" )

Sup guys?

Luckily i got the DA app on my phone, cuz i wouldnt know if i got it the same day lol but big giant thanks to Gejda for the feature i got so happy :tighthug:

Hey guys how are you? 
Thank you so much always for the birthday wishes ... even when I am not active since 4 years ago or more! I'm always appreciating the love and everything! You know, DA is always a good part of my life that also a happy one too! 
Also so happy to receive I think my first gift on DA and is for my birthday, thank you very much tsahel

Ostif by tsahel

It's really beautiful thanks again! 

Hello guys, so i have a jumping question....


So if you're eating from Mcdonald's and then "the food" got cold do you reheat it or make it hot again? I mean do you put it in the microwave or oven? I mean does it even need to be heat again? For my personal opinion I dont know because when I eat it not hot or a bit cold like coming from the fridge I think it still tastes fine.... I just don't know I kind of find it weird heating up McDonalds food as thinking its real food as people say that its not and like if you leave it days it will not get expired or something .
Hey guys, what's up?

I know it's been a while not posting a journal talking to you guys about something? I have a bunch of subjects that came to my head during this Summer that I want to talk about here with you guys. And by the way I like DA so much cuz it's the only place were I have an audience and I'm just a person who likes doing stuff and want to have a bunch of people be a fan of it! Making digital art is something I really like the most right now so DA is my special place... Anyway, I thought I should post this which I ask you guys if you have done any good achievements this Summer, and I know it's good if you have done something in the summer like taking Summer courses, reading books, learning something, or traveling around the world and etc!!! For me yes um well maybe a bit of weight loss? Also .... oh wait just that ( I know it's sad) so how about you guys? :)

Here are the prices:

:bulletblack: 2000×2000 cost 100$
:bulletblack:3000×3000 cost 180$
:bulletblack:4000×4000 cost 200$
:bulletblack:5000×5000 cost 280$
:bulletblack:6000×6000 cost 300$

And if you want to buy a recent work of mine it will cost just 200$ in full resolution!

You can contact me by sending notes or E-mail
You can also check my FB fanpage…

Hey guys! Ya it's been a while any now I'm free taking commissions! You can emil me at thx!!! And soon there will be a new work here..

Hmmmmm by QAuZ

SO I've been checking my Instagram and then I found a beautiful space thingy pic from a popular account that shows beautiful nature stuff and I started liking the pic too being all amazed by it especially it had the realistic space background as I thought..... by the way it was so complicated that I even thought the stars were real and the object too! SO... later then since I follow similar accounts I saw some of them also posted same pic ( it was all about featuring in Instagram and god knows where else it got featured, not just in Instagram) and giving the credit to the person who made it! So... the thing is I started assuming the background is mine from the stock pack I posted it here for this website! Then I left it for a while until I opened my computer to make sure that the person did actually use my space background and he DID! So ... when I found out I didn't know what to do and the funny fact is that I even don't get near 100 follower when I made my art account on Instagram and dunno why and then it bugs me so much! I even mentioned anyone should give me credit if using my stock pack! And since I was in my personal account I couldn't like leaving a comment mentioning the space background was mine or something cuz of course none will believe me! ANYWAY, I just posted this blog to let you know what happened like could U believe that silly thing??? Also just tell me guys what U think about this?

A Daily Deviation?????????

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 12:41 AM

Oh wow what can I say! I'm so honored of getting a DD of a special stock pack of mine!

Space Background Stock Pack by QAuZ

I got the DD from 10 days and I was off that time and when I found out recently I got so so surprised while I still didn't check DDs of the days I was off.. And it was like never expecting getting another DD also :) but anyways, two big thanks go to both my lovely mate Ellysiumn for the suggestion :tighthug: :love: :heart: and to CelticStrm-Stock for the feature :tighthug:

Space Sci-Fi Features #79

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 8:01 PM
Time Machine by Joe-RobertsHubulaar by elreviaeGC Arioch by agnideviSaturn Flyby by TobiasRoetsch
Interstellar Wormhole by ErikShoemakerDrednanth WP by GabrielGajdosDragons Breath by TylerCreatesWorlds
Jupiter Ascending by maciejkuciara
Father Son 2 by Roboto-kunNightcoming (collab work) by Tr1umph
Attack by AdamBurn


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 8:40 AM

Space in Blue by QAuZEarly Sunrise by QAuZPurple And Dreamy Sunrise by QAuZA New Day by QAuZBeautiful Saturn by QAuZAppearance of Star by QAuZReaching The Warm Light by QAuZWinter Landscape by QAuZA Night Scene of Saturn by QAuZThe Night And Milky Way by QAuZUnknown World by QAuZ
Colors in The Sky by QAuZ

Before 2014 ends

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2014, 3:03 AM
Hi there everyone, how are you doing? And how's the weather like in your area? And if there's something you want to talk about go ahead in here and sure I will be pleased to start discussing with each one if I could.... You can talk about like final exams, shopping for holidays, your art, movies, music, the new DA logo, games, things are bothering you lately, TV and etc. It's been a long time I didn't post a journal like this, so good I did before 2014 ends.

Space Sci-Fi Features #78

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 16, 2014, 9:16 PM
where we go in our mind mod1 by Baro Siding Spring by GabrielGajdos Railguns by Smiling-Demon
:thumb416331288: Sunset by Smattila Papillon Kotetsu by chesterocampo
Tides and Sails by JoeyJazz HORIZON game Wallpaper III by Shue13 February by danich01
Derelict Relic by Starkiteckt Ow by lingy-0 Voyager by Kaioshen
Grand Eclipse by JustV23 Supernova by Sviatoslav-SciFi:thumb358312684:
Supernova Explosion by charmedy Ancient Discovery by juliedillon:thumb400486739: Anonymous portal by KuldarLeement
:thumb363226706: Underwater Cyberpunk City by nkabuto Moon by GabrielBStiernstrom

Space in Blue by QAuZ

Hey what's up everyone?

So I was checking DDs of today, then while I was swiping down slowly I saw my work and got so surprised and happy ... ya it's true because I assume you will wonder how would I become happy and surprised while having over 5 DDs!!! Well, because I am an improving artist and I care about my art... so when I make something I'm so happy about I'd be happy if it gets DD but not everytime... I dunno! Anyways, I'm so so so happy and thanks a lot to both KPEKEP
and TehAngelsCry for making it happen.

And thanks to everyone who have been supporting me and I love you and there will be new stuff coming out soon!!!!


Thanks a lot everyone for the birthday wishes and I love you very much :heart: :hug:

Lately I've been a little busy ... well busy enough to make a new work but I will try these days!

Anyways, I have a question for macbook users cuz it's about it!

Is there a screen contrast adjustment in it?