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July 9, 2011
Space War - Collab by *qaz2008 "Completely and utterly gorgeous!"
Featured by Casperium
Suggested by kimmie1987
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Space War - Collab

Another collab with my friend ~Krzyzowiec :hug:

I made the close up planet and he made the rest :)

The close up planet: I used a texture from [link] to make the close up planet and then I edited for like an hour and then I made the rest in an hour and a half even the size was pretty big.

Please check his gallery:iconkrzyzowiec:

:bulletblue:Original resolution=4000×2500
:bulletblue:Download for 1920×1200

Thanks Krzyzowiec for making the collab with me :)

:bulletred: Fave his deviation pleeeeeeeeease !!

EDIT: OMG DD I'm even happy for him :iconkrzyzowiec: ... Thank you so much :iconkimmie1987: and :iconcasperium: YOU'RE THE BEEEEEST :hug: :heart:
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Tremendous, magnificent!!!
shamedwolf's avatar
The Cornerian fleets against the Shivans over 100 years ago.
D-Prototype's avatar
Space. It goes on and on and it makes the perfect place for a battleground.
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Featured - Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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You've got just the right amount of stuff going on here; not too much that the image is crowded and not too little that it doesn't feel somewhat epic! Well done.
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Very interesting image. I would be keen on seeing what you could do with this: [link]

I don't normally do self-promotion but in this case I think you could make something interesting out of it. Let me know if you want to use the image anyway.
This is extremely cool. xD
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LadyDragonmoon's avatar
Oh, this is very cool!
QAuZ's avatar
dnb-nOise's avatar
Wow man. I don't know how i missed this piece. AMAZING one!!!
QAuZ's avatar
Thanks a lot :)
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Beautiful! Any way to get the original size? It's still too small for my current desktop setup :P
QAuZ's avatar
Bigger than 1920×1200?
bigfoot904's avatar
I'm at 3840x1200 right now :P
M3rcaptan's avatar
aaaaaaawesome, I watched your tutorial, and I must say that you're VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY talented!
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Thank you so much and from the tutorial I thought it was nothing comparing to my real skills :)
M3rcaptan's avatar
I see... are you a self-taught artist?
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good job man thats epic
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