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Rising Star

Hi! I made this one as for relaxing because of that bad day and lots of work on it although it looks simple but ignore that cuz it was a little tiring with lots of work as I said! I enjoyed making this one and it's more showing both depth of space and spacescape!

Ok, hope you like it and tell me what do you think.

of course thanks to =ChrisCold for the asteroids stock

Download for:

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Whoa. Very nice. Heart 
beautifull. I like shinning paradise in the center.
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Why is space alone the most beautiful place beyond Earth? <3 <3 <3
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I just love planets with rings, this is amazing :)
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F.N Great work mate. Lovin' your work. Just can't decide on one, so scrolling wallpaper for all three of my monitors. Cheers!Alien
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Beautiful...Just, beautiful 
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love this one - cool :)
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Purty stuff Q! I can see the work in the lighting and nebula gas.
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I can only make up this sorta stuff in my head haha, amazing
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That is awesome.
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very nice - like that a lot
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Beautiful mate!
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To me it looks like a very lonesome place, I like it, very nice :D, I think that the rings could be more vague though :)
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OOPS LOL I meant opaque, sorry xD.
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You're art very much reminds me of the game Freelancer which captured the feelings of freedom, wonder and vastness better than any other I have played. I'm always excited to see your next piece!
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LOVELY! Nothing like art to relieve stress, unless you're on a deadline. D:
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