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Light My Night

Hi! From few days I was trying to make something kinda different and there was then lots of making and removing... Anyway, I ended up with that one and I know it's not something different but hopefully you'd like it :)

[link] [link] [link]

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Oh wow I saw this on Imgur many many moons ago. (Ha!) I've used this as my laptop's wallpaper several times.
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Excuse me. Is it ok if I use this artwork for a fanfic I'm working on? I'll give you credit for it so readers can know that you're the maker of this. I'll even provide a link to the story after I'm done publishing it.
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love it!!!!!!!
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Love, love, love this one!!!!
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Really like this, many thanks :)
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for your landscapes do you use actual photographs and manipulate the sky?
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Sorry for my bad english but your work is "terrible" thanks for the very nice share ;)
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.....................:+fav: Great vision :D
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Breathtaking. Fav.
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Wonderful... :O
I'm just now listening to "Mantra Organics" by Michael Stearns, and it fits perfectly the power of this picture... Waow!!
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how'd you do it?! it's friggin awesome! it's my wallpaper right now!:D
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good job thanks
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This is a beautiful piece and in my head I think I should love this, but there is just something, not quite there.

I know I am not fond of the red dwarf back lighting the planet but other than that I really like it. The sky is awesome, I like both of the planets on the horizon, the colors are just what I want them to be.

If you find this comment confusing it is because it is reflecting my own confusion. Sorry I am not more articulate and helpful.

In any event keep it up mate.
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Yeah it could be confusing but wouldn't effect me anyway ;)
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i agree, there is just something off in this picture, it is very good but...well you said it all.
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What is it that you think it's off?
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i'm sorry but i'm not really sure, all aspects of the image are very good, it's just when you view the image on a whole the spatiality of the image is just a bit wrong. I'm not saying its not good, its great i love it! hope this helps...
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Heheh there's nothing wrong, don't worry!
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