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Dreamy And Calm Sunrise

Hello, ( a new landscape/scifi wallpaper) really hope you like it and it was tiring. I promise I would make something better or different than a landscape work next time and I just wanted to update my gallery.

I used a landscape stock [link] and some textures of mine for painting.


Note me for bigger size>>>
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would love to use some of your art for my music artwork. How can I get in contact with you? My email is
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I really wanna go into space now. cx
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this looks realy awsome!
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*hypnotized* I... can't.... resist....

It's great !
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Very, very beautiful!! Nicely done :) 
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Dont bother doing anything different, your work is inspiring!! :)
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These are amazing! I'm just baffled. My imagination is going wild!
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this is!! So much emotion in one picture!!
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Epic artwork. I love the colours and details. The only thing it needs is Saturn's ring making a buzzsaw noise XD
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Wooo! The colors! This is very spectacular! Great work!
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Such talent for dramatic lighting, almost tricks me into thinking I need to wear sunglasses to look at my monitor. :)
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wow it's like something in a dream. great job!!
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Damn, I really love these landscapes that you create. This one is no different. Amazing!
Hello, I liked several images yours.
I wonder if I get permission to use your images in my videos.
(My channel could monetize the videos I upload).

If gives me permission, I will give a reference to his picture .

I await your response.
Thanks, Greetings .
I await your reply, greetings. :).

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Phew, this is a new level of awesome somehow :D
Very impressed QAuZ!
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thats a cool idea :) very nice
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I love the colors!
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Excellent work!:-)
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