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I haven't posted much of BubblegumVerse here to DeviantART as I'm mainly keeping it Tumblr focused. It's mainly just a side au that I play around with in my sketchbook while at work. Check it out >>here<< 

Anyways, just sharing this here as I'm currently in an art block and haven't really sat down to draw in a hot minute. 

This is Blythe Lulamoon, daughter of Rarity and Trixie 💕 she's a really shy unicorn and has a stunted horn, but she doesn't mind much as magic really isn't her interest. She's more devoted to her work in creating beautiful floral arrangements!

🌟Blythe was designed by FelineNostalgic and can be seen here:  Adopts: Catverse Switchup by FelineNostalgic 

Sorry for the lack of interesting content lately, I'm finding myself falling back into a small bit of depression due to some body image issues I'm having. Trying very hard to work through them on my own but it's kinda kicking my ass at the moment. I'll get through it though!
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I LOVE the incorporation of a real horse breed's face shape into her design. It just fits her so well. And I'm always a simp for that pink nose splotch. Also just love the way you lined her in blue....

Sending my best thoughts your way by the way. I know it's not much, but please let me know if there's anything I can do. <3

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Thank you! Kladrubers are one of my favorite breeds, I love their roman noses and little ears ❤

Also thank you, it's very much appreciated regardless 💕 I'm changing a large portion of my diet and exercising more and trying to feel better (which I think it's working), it's kinda hard but I'm getting through it! ❤

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I am loving her design

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Oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with the face shape here! Amazing work!!

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Thank you<3 She's modeled after the Kladruber breed!

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Yessss I love it when people draw specific horse breeds omg

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Aw, she looks absolutely lovely, such a beautiful horse! :heart: Sorry you're having to deal with a bit of depression; I know how that feels. Hope things start looking up for you soon!

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She looks so cute in your style!

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