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APD: Maira

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🌹🥀A Pride Divided🥀🌹

Name: Maira
Pronunciation: My-Ruh
Sex: Female
Parents: Tanglemane & Gizahari 
Siblings: Kamari 
Age: Young adult
Pride: Emeka's Pride / Ashlands
Role: Courier
Voice Claim: Lauren Landa - Juno (Beastars)

- Maira's Playlist - 

1. Violet!
2. Glass Spiders
3. This Maniac's In Love With You 
4. You're Gonna Go Far Kid
5. God's Gonna Cut You Down

- About -
APD Family Tree: Tanglemane - Gizahari - Maira by qatsby

Maira is a lithe, burnt orange lioness with a dark stripe marking her face and spine; she has a dark splashed Ashlander's chin and the telling Ashlander pointed ears to match. She's the daughter of Tanglemane and Gizahari and sibling to Kamari. Maira is a member within the Ashlander's pride, though technically, she has no real allegiance to any pride due to her status as a courier. Her job in this field allows her to have the privilege of neutral stances with all prides as a way for her to travel across territories and deliver news and letters from allying/waring factions including but not limited to: Lion Prides, Hyena Tribes, Cheetah Clans, Elephant Dynasties, etc. 

The lioness has a bubbly and child-like personality and is extremely prone to making decisions and opinions based on her heart and emotions. This makes her extremely volatile. Though Maira's temper is to be put into question, she is extremely good and keeping secrets and delivering said secrets with high discretion. 
She took her training very seriously with Courier Captain Kiara and has become one of the best couriers to date. Though a little eager to please and having a habit of lingering in one territory too long, she is a favored courier amongst society. 

Maira's bubbly charm and playful demeanor has captured the watchful eye of Queen Akina, leader of the Pridelands. She has many private affairs with the lioness and works hard at keeping their uncouth relationship a secret. Couriers are frowned upon for having relationships as it could compromise their unbiased work...

More about Maira

APD Notes: Female Courier Garb by qatsby Entanglement With the Queen by qatsby APD Doodle: Be Her Peace or Her Headache by qatsby  The Cats Meow by qatsby 

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