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Skull-faced zombie werewolf mask made on commission. think the character has been officially dubbed "Breynz"
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Aug 2, 2011, 7:10:30 PM
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This is the best art

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Where did you get the fur? I've been looking for a long pile fur for a project that I want to do.
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you made an SCP!
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Horrifying, I like it.
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Are you the one that originally design this? I saw an image of this that caught my eye and I decided to do a painting based off this design as reference ^^

Witch bones by VezoniaArtz

Defiantly amazing work on the mask!
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Yup! The mask is my work, and so is the photo here. That painting is awesome!
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Awesome picture! It reminds me of a picture "Graupe" put online... could it be she possibly copied you? Yours is way better though!
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It's a possibility - this photo and other photos of this mask have been circulated and used a ton. 
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were you the one who made the mask SCP-1471 is based on?
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Yes indeed! This is that same mask.
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Is this malo's true name?
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This is the original head that became Mal0 - the owner named him Breynz, so I guess that would be his true name.
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Okey. Perhaps due to all of the skullheaded werewolf creatures u have, there could be more than one of them.
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Absolutely love it
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I've met that fellow in my dreams...
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you may have just gotten my note, but I want a mask similar to this for a wrestling gimmick.
when will you make another one of these masks?
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I won't duplicate this one specifically, but I am hoping to have some similar zombie werewolves for sale as Halloween approaches.
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that would be good for a temor cosplay..
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SCP-1471 just wants to be friends :) 
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