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If you are a Queer as folk fan this may interest you.

There is a campaign going on to bring back QaF (a movie, a new series..whatever we can get!), it isn’t just another petition…this time it involves letters to Showtime and condoms, very QaF style!

Look for “Queer as Folk reunion campaign” on Facebook or “@Folk4QAFReunion” on Twitter

Come join us and help us spread the word, we need your help to make this happen!

hi there... thank you for including my art into your group. see ya
Thank you thank you thank you, for the birthday wishes...:D

hehe this is what i want for my birthday.....
That is always a good birthday present. Of course, that is aaaalways (I hope) good. lol. I am confused. I just saw that we have your birthday down as the 18th of this month. Did I read that wrong? I guess I am just trying to send you two wishes. Hope you got some. :D
two wishes are appoprate considering I am a gemini and yep the 18th, it was a pretty good one. thanks hearing i got wishes makes it happy.
Hello, I was wondering is this group just for art etc. related to the US version of the show or is things from the UK one good too? I have seen both I was just curious and I couldn't find it written anywhere (sorry if I have missed it somewhere).