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Strangers - Typography

By Qa9ed2000
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Am having problems with my wireless .. excuse my absence :boing: This piece is another Arabic typo revolving around the idea of 'Strangers'.

Hatha elt9meem le nsheedt mashari alafasi "'3orabaa2".

Photoshop CS
140 x 90 CM
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ما شاء الله تبارك الله
جدا جدا رائعة
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نايس روعة التصميم ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,مبدع
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Hi! Can somebody please help me? What programs or applications are used fgor typography? And casn I just make one manually? I'm gonna enter at a shirt design contest but as ut turned oiut, the design must be in typography, and I'm not good at computers...thanks! You have an mazing work...
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I like the colours! great!
beautifull work
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Wow. I love this.
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that looks reallly nice never seen something like this before:)
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bohat alla dost..
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oooooooooohhhh ghuraba2!!! i see hahaha very very nice =D well done love
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Wow. . . stunning.
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Very cool. I love it!
The colors are pretty magical.
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walla mashallah .. thats all i can say ^_^ :lmao:
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this is great :clap:
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:heart: Gorgeous work, as always! :heart:
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sayeed this is really beautiful the blend of colors and typo is amazing
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im a sucker for arabic typography.. and this work is fresh.. very nice..!!
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very very nice!
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عمل أكثر من رائع


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