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This brand, I only recently f50 adizero turf heard nike tiempo of before mercurial turf trainers is mercurial superfly iii nike ctr360 maestri ii elite ctr360 not know, is named by Pele new soccer cleats predator absolion trx in his own name in new soccer adidas predator shoes a football brand clothing and shoes, and was quite professional. Today I'll introduce a new pair of speed-type ultra-light adipower predator trx boots - PELE, SPORTS. TRINITY f50 adizero leather 3E

PELE, SPORTS. TRINITY 3E of Pele Sports, the adipure iv trx soccer shoe adidas adipure market less than a year, launched the adipure iv sl trx first dual-speed type boots. The shoes name literal translation is the meaning of mercurial f50 adizero prime indoor the Trinity, namely: f50 adizero indoor the upper one, the end of one spike soles mercurial superfly total 90 laser f50 adizero trx elite ii one. The design team f50 adizero of Pele tiempo legend iv Sports, in conjunction with the Formula One designers to design this boots. total 90 laser iv From the appearance of the Ya mercurial vapor black with the bright green of Pele LOGO and a few geometric shape of the spikes. Gives simple, sharp feel. Really is a speed-type boots, removed a lot of unnecessary things, and weighs only 158 grams. Upper new generation speed of Symbioskin material, nike total 90 which is a three-membrane pressure materials, designed for the 3E design of mercurial superfly safari the Trinity. Three distinct elements wrapped athlete's foot, respectively, to give the wearer's foot feeling and sense for the ball. Mixed fibers made ??of lightweight polymer outsole. The patented geometry spikes increase your rapid response rate. Spikes using an advanced binary compound, the professional design of natural resistance and reduce the possibility latest soccer footwear of Wei injured foot or "upside down".

According to data access: on of Pele Sports, a company acquired nomis re-integration by the name of Bailey's name, Bailey endorsement. Early product is nomis the product from another LOGO.

The shoes, priced  149.99, the specific use of feelings is unknown. Like the shoes and the number one friend suggested to buy collection.
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Nike T90

3 min read
This pair f50 adizero turf of shoes I have f50 adizero leather a long-awaited, and finally top of the Champions adipure iv sl trx League have mercurial superfly iii seen its true capacity. mercurial turf trainers Why I have been expecting for nike ctr360 a long time? total 90 laser elite Because it f50 adizero trx is the world's first dual with the "brain" of the shoes, the first pair of true sense of adipower predator trx the smart technology into the shoes inside, is the nike tiempo new milestone of football history! Today I'll introduce the new boots this adidas - adizero f50 adidas predator miCoach messi cleats ! (This introduces in technology, the next it comes to shoes)

    f50 adizero prime adizero f50 to miCoach one once available would cause an uproar, with the miCoach's adipure iv trx adizero f50 cheap soccer cleats is not only the fastest in the history of soccer shoes, it is the most intelligent. f50 adizero indoor We are looking forward to adidas adipure this is how a smart method, I hastened to tell mercurial indoor everyone: miCoach - a record of data chip adizero f50 football shoes with specially ctr360 maestri ii elite designed grooves in predator absolion trx the sole, for the assembly f50 soccer cleats of a revolutionary miCoach speed sensors. adidas f50 adizero the miCoach speed sensor can capture the action of 360 , and records, including the instantaneous velocity, including the average speed (per second are recorded), nike mercurial vapor the fastest speed (every 5 seconds record time), the number of sprint, tiempo legend iv moving distance, high intensity level moving distance, pace and stride rate, including total 90 laser iv key indicators. In training or competition, the miCoach can store up to seven hours of sports data, and PC connection to the wireless transmission. nike t90 the miCoach help adizero f50 become the mercurial superfly ii top intelligent scientific training tool.

    the miCoach record the data can be uploaded to facebook to share with friends (domestic and not enjoy), contrast, and friends mercurial superfly safari and stars are compared (Bibi you run there is no Macy fast), personal statistics can also join the miCoach official website training programs, major club experts will tailor custom personalized mentoring program. The surprise does not end, until 2012, players will be able to manipulate the real life the miCoach football game! How? '?

    Circle surprises later, I will give you a cool analysis of, in addition to this particular technology, this pair of shoes than before, not much changed, but only in the case of the top in order to enjoy this technology, and expensive. For our ordinary football fans may not be used ...

    Summary: This pair of shoes are really amazing! Is indeed another milestone in the history of football. For our current practicality suitable for enthusiasts and collectors to start
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The NIKE adidas turf soccer shoes finally released this pair of ugly shoes ... I think no one will find it beautiful. Shoe body or assassin technology, nike tiempo and one pair of nike turf soccer shoes former Black Panther, as only the appearance of adidas predator change ugly ~~

    The NIKE white f50 company released no longer simply the C Luo exclusive sneakers, blue f50 but released adidas f50 adizero a product line called CR7 series also includes, in addition to this dual ugly signature sneakers: protective gear, training suits, hosiery, casual nike total 90 clothing, sports shoes. Like a friend can look at.

    adidas adipure I mercurial vapor superfly 3  will mainly talk CR7 turf soccer shoes series of focus: new mercurial nike ctr 360 vapor superfly 2 color black f50 models signature soccer shoes. The shoes of the right and left sides asymmetrical pattern design, which reflects the C Luo field performance and unique nike mercurial superfly style in the field. C Luo moved to a location or returned to the defensive, the shoes left side of the pattern will produce subtle changes, showing pinstripe and special designs. Shoes the right side of the bold the Mach blue and red stripes, quite modern, which is the theme color of the entire C Luo Signature Series. (That run to both sides buy football boots of the shoes two colors can be problems both colors are ugly! NIKE companies do not know messi f50 boots how to think). Are the same retractable spikes, fly line technology (second generation, did not see a big difference), make the shoes more light, more solid, more comfortable in the state of motion.

  soccer cleats sale   The shoes are already available, select collectors and C Luo enthusiasts. Blind football fans there are ... the highest price:  279.99 Other configure your own reference.
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See from the shape of the F50 the the adidas predator adizero adipure iv trx miCoach compared to the F50 adizero prime, has adipower predator trx been new soccer shoes f50 adizero leather part of predator absolion trx the change. The uppers are used Sprintskin technology, f50 adizero indoor nike tiempo but ctr360 maestri ii elite no adipure iv sl trx longer mercurial superfly iii use mercurial turf trainers AdiLite the Twin upper, but with a SprintWeb. Sprintweb provide f50 adizero trx excellent stability in high-speed mobile. Sprintskin monolayer uppers like your second skin, bringing tiempo legend iv good the package mercurial total 90 laser iv superfly ii Jiaogan and ball sense, while reducing f50 adizero prime the weight, waterproof function. The new 3-D texture adidas adipure (above orange on red and yellow color in f50 adizero turf f50 adizero the red part) in the high-speed movement dribble better touch. This replaces the nike ctr360 the AdiZero Prime TPU support straps (the bottom of the side of the shoe). SprintFrame outsole is also found in the Adidas F50 AdiZero II, this minimalist shoe soles, the thinnest and even one millimeter!

SprintFrame total 90 laser elite nike total 90 the D bridge design to ensure the support of the foot. Shoes, I also re-designed to latest soccer footwear ensure new soccer cleats that wearing more comfortable fit. The soles of the odd nail system is mercurial indoor improved, the called Traxion2.0 promote deceleration and change direction, mercurial vapor to help promote the athletes and make acceleration easier. But from the appearance, I did not see it ... do not know is not a boast. adizero f50 only 165g weight, Cui then 15 grams, but mercurial superfly safari the miCoach system does not affect the players play.

    Summary: The biggest feature of this pair of shoes or intelligent systems, and we generally feel that the new is not very nice. If not the fans and football collectors, is not recommended to buy.
F50 adizero miCoach top with the upper divided into two types: one is a synthetic material (above), a cortex (the picture shows the miCoach system), the price is the same, in addition to upper is the same, can be used to smart chip
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Messi F50

2 min read
I now ask that players on the World Cup in mercurial adidas nike total 90 adidas adipure predator vapor superfly 3 black nike tiempo f50 South Africa is the most red, blue f50 I would like to soccer cleats sale answer up to the affirmation is the name of "Messi". Messi adidas turf soccer shoes at the foot wear boots in no way inferior, F50 adiZero as the Adi company's flagship sneakers in the South Africa World Cup. Be a strong launch, we look at pairs of Adidas company is a strong launch of the World Cup in South Africa classic shoes.

1, F50 adiZero upper

F50 adiZero upper mercurial vapor superfly 2 with a single-layer microfiber polyurethane fabric made??, the entire pair of shoes weight nike turf soccer shoes only adidas f50 adizero 165 grams, and even Messi after I tried on this shoe, turf soccer shoes do not sigh shoes light. nike mercurial superfly Shoes messi f50 boots ultra-light weight F50 adiZero nike ctr 360 also ensure that the shoes fit the foot shape, comfortable to wear. Adidas said, asymmetric parallel shoelaces design greater surface of the ball when the player touches the ball. In addition, the F50 adiZero uses a porous ultra-light insole, further reducing the weight of the body of the shoe and to enhance the speed.
F50 adiZero uppers TPU materials in the internal structure, particularly trim and foot parts to add a single-layer TPU white f50 support straps provide stability and support for the players horizontal and lateral movement.

2, F50 adiZero soles

F50 adiZero the sole use of the concept of three-dimensional design to provide stability and support for parts of the players foot. Triangular buy football boots spikes layout of its application to provide greater acceleration, not only for the players to provide the best support for the players horizontal and lateral movement. The shoes will be able to better help the players play. Suitable for a wide range of play types.
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