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Bit of gift art for . Lots of fun with this one, her dragon has such an interesting design. Pencil sketch coloured in Photoshop CS.
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Very pretty stuff! Such a nice piece!
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So awsome! :heart: Love it.

I think Shinerai's a boy though. xD
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Whoo! It's Shinny:D Nice pic!
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Oooh, very cool. Love the colors and lighting.
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This is beautiful! Wow, I'd love to do a trade with you sometime when my qeue clears up (if you have time or the desire to, that is. ;D ).
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Absolutely :) shoot me an email whenever you're up for it.
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What a fun design and friendly expression. :) Nice.
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Really beautiful. ^_^ I love this. Especially the blue eyes and tongue, and the feathers.

I've really missed seeing new pieces from you...glad to see you're still creating. :D
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I had a dry spell earlier this year when I produced almost nothing for months (I have very little to show for the whole of 2006, sadly)...and then I finally kicked myself back into action; I love doing art far too much, and the excuse of 'not having enough time' wasn't good enough. Art is vital, I feel so much better when I'm being creative. I really missed it, and to know that others missed my art too is very touching, so thank you. :)
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You're welcome. :) And...I know that dry spell well. I feel so much happier when I'm being creative at least a little everyday too. It's become like a need or something. O.o

Glad you're back!
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Brilliant ... I love the little details.
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Thanks. :)

And hi!
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:wave: Hello there.
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I love her expression, the colouring is amazing :)
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Omg I had to come look at it again 8D That eye gets me every time.
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serguheruhg!!!! I got you're note! You are so sweet!! X3 Hey, Lex(I know someone else namd Lex too, how cool 8D) Thank you so much, this SO made my day !! x3

I love the feathers, you're so good at feathers, coloring feathers is always a pain in the butt for me. You also did well at shading that gradient WOW :0 You're me HERO. (WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS?)

I LOOOOOVVEE the shape of his face!! euherguihr Those eyebrows are so pretty ]: And the shape of his snout/maw and that tongue is awesome XD I love the blue tongue EVERY time. AND THE EYES ]x Okay.

I LOVE EVERYTHING 8D And I'm a ranter <333

Thankyou again!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
I must favorite and molest this picture now.
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I'm so glad you like it! He was great fun to draw, I like a good challenge. Feathers were a bitch, I had no clue what I was doing with them, but they turned out well enough so no complaints there.

But you know what - I drew this on a bloody laptop, and have just come home only to find it looks *completely different* (seriously, I did not put all that red in there), I'm going to touch it up at the next opportunity - hopefully tomorrow - because really that's not what I intended it to look like!

(To be honest, it'll only be minor alterations, but I'm cursed with perfectionism and will not be able to sit still now until I can fix it. argh.)
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xD Im like that too, but I think the red looks nice :0 <333 I'd like to see it though whatever way you would think looks even better. it shall blow me away 8D
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