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Q-LUM | 27yo | they/them ✨

i'm a long-time artist and short-time gamedev! i have a webcomic and some other projects, but occasionally i post drawings online and i'd like a place to put them that's located outside of hell. thanks for welcoming me...! :dummy:

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coolbreeze88Student Digital Artist
also i made this a while ago, thought you might like some actual fan-art to encourage you>> Tears In The Rain by coolbreeze88
coolbreeze88Student Digital Artist
you're somewhat capricious, I'll give you that much, but I'm glad to see you back. love your comic, very novel concept, i guess i would call its tone "post-cyberprep", organic life is struggling to keep up with increasingly advanced self reproducing androids, but life isint bad and organics aren't being treated like second class citizens like in most cyberpunk stories. it touches on social commentary about post scarcity societies without getting too cynical or navel gazy and instead focuses on just how a society dominated by robots would function.

On top of that, your arts style just plain works for all of it, somehow managing to be retro yet forward looking at the same time, makes me feel nostalgic for something that's brand new.

keep it up and hoping for more.

AruessoHobbyist Digital Artist