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For the ones who still remember me, I was active on DA over two years ago and posted mostly realistic drawings/paintings. I stopped being active as I started my study at an art academy. Now, two years have gone by and so much has changed! I started working more conceptually and stopped drawing and painting. That's right! Of course I still draw once in a while, but it is not my focus anymore as I now work mainly with installations, performance, poetry and photography. 

So why am I here?
I'm not planning to come back to DA. It has taught me so much and I'm so grateful for the community here on DA but now it's not the right platform for me anymore.
However, I suddenly remembered I have still points lying around. It would be such a waste if nobody would be able to receive them.

Are there people interested in a drawing/painting/illustration contest??

As writing is one of the medium I work with, I would love to see what people imagine visually when they read one of my writings. You can see some of them on my instagram.

What the contest would exactly consists of, I don't know yet. But if there are enough people interested I will hold it. It's over a 1000 points. Anybody up for that??
PutYourBraveFaceOn Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
P.S. You should never give up on your history, no matter what it consists of, so dA is still worth your time, especially your art. :)
PutYourBraveFaceOn Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Hmmm if you include writing in the contest too, I am interested. :D
AreYouBush Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
why not!
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November 4, 2016


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