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For the ones who still remember me, I was active on DA over two years ago and posted mostly realistic drawings/paintings. I stopped being active as I started my study at an art academy. Now, two years have gone by and so much has changed! I started working more conceptually and stopped drawing and painting. That's right! Of course I still draw once in a while, but it is not my focus anymore as I now work mainly with installations, performance, poetry and photography. 

So why am I here?
I'm not planning to come back to DA. It has taught me so much and I'm so grateful for the community here on DA but now it's not the right platform for me anymore.
However, I suddenly remembered I have still points lying around. It would be such a waste if nobody would be able to receive them.

Are there people interested in a drawing/painting/illustration contest??

As writing is one of the medium I work with, I would love to see what people imagine visually when they read one of my writings. You can see some of them on my instagram.

What the contest would exactly consists of, I don't know yet. But if there are enough people interested I will hold it. It's over a 1000 points. Anybody up for that??
Hello to the people who happen to read this.
I am yet again very absent from Deviantart. This is mainly because this year I started my first year Illustration at the Art academy, Willem de Kooning Academy. This means my life is all about art! However, excluding Deviantart. I've been very busy drawing all the time and experimenting with different media. I even tried digital media, painted with ketchup, made cutouts etc. I had to finish 100 works, collect 100 works and write an analysis within 2 weeks. Now that the assignment is done, I have to keep going on en create my So sadly there is no time for Deviantart :( So that's an update on life and I hope everyone is well. Hopefully I'll be able to check in once in a while to see the new awesome art in my inbox, but for now I will be absent. 
Update winner:
As promised, I will give this dick blick certificate away.
The winner is
:iconkevincontrerasart:  Congratz!
Unfortunately, there were only two entrants this time?:? I guess I should be more active on DA as well hehe.... Hopefully there will be more entrants in the future

Hello people!

Long time no see! It's been such a long time (again) since I've posted anything or done something with art. The last piece I finished was Deception from my "Imaginary Girls" series around April 2013 (though I uploaded later). So I did almost nada in a half year... I was planning to hold a contest but yet again sucked at planning and have this gift certificate thing (which was supposed to be for the contest) lying around. However this gift certificate expires January 30 2014 and would like to thank my dear watchers anyways, so a giveaway it is!

To enter you just need to comment, mention a deviant user and tell me why he/she inspires you or why you love his/her artwork.
-Only the first comment is eligible
-You have to be a watcher to be eligible
-You can enter until 21 December

Winner will be picked randomly with those handy random machines on the internet :D
I just like to discover some artists on deviantart

The winner will get the coupon number sent by note and do whatever he/she desires with it. Since I won't be sending the actual coupon, you can only use it on their site (if I'm not mistaken).
I have no idea if this code can be used internationally or how orders on the site works (I've never ordered from the site before).

Short animation feature

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 2:33 PM
You have to see this stop motion animation!
It takes little time to watch these and I promise, these animations are worth the time!
I adore the mind blowing concepts, but also how it's made. It takes them two years just to make the 12 minutes short animation.
Such effort deserves much recognition

I think I'll do the "normal"DA feature tomorrow again.
I'm trying to get back to DA and am halfway through the messages. I also uploaded some stuff which was quiet abstract..
But I'll do some realism again (kind of miss it). At this point I'm just trying to find my own style instead of sticking to realism.

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Huge absence on DA + mini exhibition

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 21, 2013, 6:09 AM
It's been over a month or 2 since I last checked DA! The last time I uploaded was in November...
So many amazing stuff I missed and a lot of birthdays as well :( Sorry for that, I'll hopefully be back next week or so. I'm planning on holding a contest because I have a gift card from Dick Blick Art Materials lying around which I probably won't use.
Also, to keep me more active on DA...?

That doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything with art.
On the contrary! I've been working on commissions and did some shoe painting stuff (which I still want to upload).
I also had my very first tiny exhibition.
It was a project/competition where we amateurs were able to work with professional artists. There were several disciplines and I chose painting, because I wanted to learn more about this medium.
We worked for I think 6 hours or so (divided in 3 days) with the professionals. I finished two works for the exhibition. One main piece was mixed media (pencil, paint, watercolour) on paper and the other one was a quick one hour painting on paper.
At the exhibition visitors were able to vote and I was second place.

 photo BrandLosWorkshop1.jpg
Me during workshop ^^
 photo ExpositieLVC1.jpg photo ExpositieLVC.jpg
Final piece! :)

I have a picture of me and the final piece together but I look kind of awkward on it :B
I will upload the final piece on DA once I have it back and figure out how to scan it without damaging it. This piece is a part of a series I am working on.
Also, I think the model in this piece (Daphne Groeneveld) saw this! :happybounce: Not quiet sure but it seems like it haha
Besides this, I'll be joining Kunstbende this year with the series I'm working on. It's a national competition thingie for kids under 18.
So yeah....Hopefully I'll be back next week with features

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Contest winners!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 9:30 AM

You're probably halloween?
:iconxgnyc: hosted a halloween contest and I promised some prices including a feature :) But the literary winners weren't announced yet until last week and I wanted to feature all winners at once. So here they are! :happybounce:
If I'm not mistaken all prices from me have been handed out. Note me if I haven't yet
Also, happy holidays everyone!


:winner: 1st Place Digital Winner :winner:
Happy Halloween by SayuriMVRomei

by :iconsayurimvromei:

:trophy: 2nd Place Digital :trophy:
Run or Die by octobre-rouge
by :iconoctobre-rouge:

:wow:3rd Place Digital:wow:
2012 O-Ween One by TylerXy
by :icontylerxy:

Welcome To My Nightmare by GrahamSym
by :icongrahamsym:

:winner: 1st Place Traditional Winner :winner:
The Heavy Chains by Drerika
by :icondrerika:

:trophy: 2nd Place Traditional :trophy:
by :iconmittannexia13:

:D3rd Place Traditional
The Jack O'Lantern by Q-Le
by me :dummy:

Pumpkin Man by AndreeaIuliana


:winner: 1st Place Fractal Winner :winner:
Hellfire by GrahamSym
by :icongrahamsym:

:trophy: 2nd Place Fractal :trophy:
Pennywise the Clown by AkaSunshine
by :iconakasunshine:

:wow:3rd Place Fractal:wow:
Pumpkin Patch by Undead-Academy
by :iconundead-academy:

Happy Halloween by TiamatHeart
by :icontiamatheart:


:winner: 1st Place Literary Winner :winner:
The Doctors In"He's probably dead," Roger exclaimed as the two kittens giggled mischievously behind him.
Krystal and Amanda had arrived at Coleman Park appropriately attired for the evening. Their previously decided-upon costumes seemed much sexier in person than when Roger was helping them choose outfits at Wal-Mart. Being the edgy person that he was, he had politely declined their offer of buying a disguise for him. He had never celebrated the holiday, and instead purchased a t-shirt that furthered his rebelliousness with bright yellow text that read, 'I don't do costumes.'
His head down and his hands in his pockets, he paced himself up the paved hill that lead to the local, haunted legend. Krystal swung her faux tail playfully and adjusted the large black ears that wouldn't stay in her curly hair despite the obscene amounts of hairspray she had employed. Amanda clicked her heels across the ground. She sprinted in front of Roger and slowed to a smooth strut seemingly fo

by :iconofonesoul:

:trophy: 2st Place Literary :trophy:

Dreams are a gatewayAs all around you, thunder crashes,
and jagged flashes expose the rain,
the walls begin to shake and moan and
the dream comes again to haunt your brain.
All alone in bed, your restless head,
tossing like a ship on violent seas,
sprays salty teardrops across the sheets,
the growing stains naught but wordless pleas.
Terror rises from night-blackened depths,
by nature's fury, drawn forth to feed,
come to wrap you in its spectral limbs,
so from sanity you can be freed.
Now forlorn within your troubled mind,
and marooned upon a mountain high,
you are confronted by a nightmare.
God it looms in size! Such depthless eyes!
Your eardrums shake from a ceaseless howl,
which blows apart the concealing clouds,
and your trembling limbs freeze, numb with awe,
for, too quickly now, its shape unshrouds.
Many jagged lines of iron mist
frame a frame cast from hell incarnate,
with spears of flesh and strobing colors,
its merest sight leaves you insensate.
Mismatched eyes see through your stammered l

by :iconthedorsai:

:wow:3rd Place Literary:wow:

by :iconaysleth:


by :iconmetarex12:


:winner: 1st Place Photography Winner :winner:
Halloween III by rosaarvensis
by :iconrosaarvensis:

:trophy: 2nd Place Photography :trophy:

by :iconmofarrelly:

:wow:3rd Place Photography:wow:
Cancelled for lack of entries...


:winner: 1st Place Artisan Crafts Winner :winner:
Halloween Treats - Size reference by thinkpastel
by :iconthinkpastel:

:trophy: 2nd Place Artisan Crafts :trophy:
by :icontoxicdwarf:

:wow:3rd Place Artisan Crafts:wow:
Hallowed Eve Earrings by WhispereDreams
by :iconwhisperedreams:

The Burton sister's hunted house by cabcyco
by :iconcabcyco:

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dalove: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Journal Layout by lockjavv
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Feature IV

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 10:26 AM

Hello DA!

It's been a while since I've done a feature but now I have a Premium Membership again, thanks to this lovely group :iconcreation-inspiration:
They have a weekly giveaway and now I can do features again with pretty skin journals :dummy:

I have one week vacation, so hopefully I'll finish many drawings:)

This time I'd like to feature 3 pieces from people I have in my watch-list and who (in my opinion) deserve more attention. As usual, these are all traditional art.
Dangitzada SNSD-Hwang Tiffany by Dangitzada IU-Good Day by Dangitzada 2NE1-Park Bom by Dangitzada
ladulcevita Summertime Sadness by ladulcevita Extasy by ladulcevita Splashed with Colored Rain by ladulcevita
Catscendence A Lucid Dream by Catscendence Creo ergo sum by Catscendence Know yourself by Catscendence
ParaguayDraw Emma Watson portrait by ParaguayDraw Belen Mino Portrait- Request by ParaguayDraw Baby Drawing- Request by ParaguayDraw
nik159 untitled IX by nik159:thumb328089724: Nomad (When the wild wind blows) by nik159
benke33 The Postman by benke33 PART OF SUMS by benke33 SOCIAL FILTER by benke33
Eni6matic Portrait of a friend by Eni6matic Victoria Cruell Portrait by Eni6matic Ariana Grande by Eni6matic
Hannahyo The End. by Hannahyo The One That Got Away by Hannahyo They have a name for your kind. by Hannahyo

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Feature III

Journal Entry: Wed May 2, 2012, 3:33 PM
Time for another feature and "update" I guess..?

I have one week holiday. So I planned to draw a lot.....and I did! But I've been working on 3 pieces at the same time and 2 of them are A3. I'm still confused how I'm supposed to scan and stitch those. I've read so many tutorials but I'm just stupid :stupidme:
Also, I just baked a cake and I'm eating it right now :chew:

I'm runnning out of ideas and things to feature, so I'll feature some people who I've been watching and left out the ones who are already popular. These people have some serious talent, but they don't have the amount of attention that equals their awesome work. Suggestions for what kind of features you'd like to see or any ideas are very welcome.

:iconctmunirah:   Gold Blue Eye Shadow by ctMunirah   Siti Sakinah by ctMunirah   Avril Lavigne [1] by ctMunirah

:iconyanhongbin:  :thumb199450892:  :thumb199443370:  :thumb199435116:

:iconanaluizantunes:   Ke$ha by analuizantunes   Cameron Diaz by analuizantunes   couple by analuizantunes

:iconshadowmarim:   THE END! by shadowmarim   boy by shadowmarim   MOWGLI by shadowmarim

How did I selected these? I just randomly clicked in my watching list and hope it's not someone who already is popular. That's probably not the smart way to do it but I'm too lazy to do everything in order....Stupid much?

Well, that's it for today. I'll do more next time, I'm just really tired now Bye!

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Feature II

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 31, 2012, 3:07 PM

I thought I'll just make another feature, because I saw some insanely good work lately that definitly deserve more than they have. Sometimes a click can make such a big diffrence on the full view.
Any suggestions on what kind of features you would like to see are more than welcome. I'm Kind off running out of ideas hehe

But first one question. Does anyone know a good brand of paper? I've heard a lot of people use Bristol:? or Hanemuhle paper or something like that. The issue is that there's no art store near by or anywhere else where I can find diffrent papers to experiment with. I have to hunt them down on the internet, but still, I rather see them in real life.
Also, I deleted my WIPs, put them in stash and put the link to it in my finished work. Stash is really awesome! I never thought I would use it

Now the feature!

Pencil works (sorry, no colour this time):
These are simply stunning and deserve more attention than they have
Santafe Drawing by sharppower Girl portrait by jerinian Eruption by Titan360 Jennifer Lopez by ManoelAntonio Bear with Gaz Mask Finished by BrunoEpeb The Edge by Tellez-ART Troy McLawhorn by PauloCarriel Varya by EgorMisanthropy Jim Morrison e Pamela Courson by paulorobero My Blue Valentine by MShah123 CLOCK by maximerokus Griffon by Simplytina

I'm not a painter (at least not yet :evillaugh:) and my knowledge is about painting is minimal but I'm sure that these are amazing and they are (in my opinion) underrated. Check their gallery and be ready to pick up your jaw from the ground :giggle:
How Many Is Too Many by pnmunoz London taxi by DanielCaro :thumb170084313: facing the darkness by kamalky

That's it for today :iconlawooplz: I hope you all clickity-clicked and enjoyed this feature

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Other stuff and...first feature!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 11, 2012, 8:02 AM
Hello there human beings all over the world!
It's time for a journal!

You can expect several more drawings of me soon. 2 of them I already started preparing in december 2011....I'm not precisely sure why I haven't finished them. I think I'm afraid to finish them. I noticed that these two are my "creative" kind of drawings and this kind of art is a whole new direction (as I ussually draw a copy of a reference) and maybe that's the thing why I'm afraid to finish it. Maybe, I'll throw all my stuff that I recently made together and uploud it here, so you can get an idea of what a mess my drawing table is :lmao:

Since I'm a premium member now I would like to make features :) I'm not sure yet, how many times I want to do features, since I actually have no time. But I got to try! Any suggestions on what kind of features are welcome, since I have no idea what to do and what you would like to see.
This time I went to my favourite gallery (yes, I searched through my whole favourite gallery :faint:) and picked out art that could get more love! It varies from 25 faves to 3 faves.
Actually, a few of them only has one fave!?!? So, join me on the fave list or comment or just do something, because these definitly deserve more than they get.
Eye by Splinteredsilk :thumb141939728: Nature's blossom by Obsidian-memories Taylor by kaylew :thumb195870078: .  Evil  . by dr-who-doomsday Kate Moss by Jasminela :thumb208402149: Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson Portrait DRAWING by Yankeestyle94 Cobus Potgieter Portrait by dr--broli Rosie Huntington Drawing by Lewis3222 Emily Didonato by OdysseyTrue :thumb175715515: Pensive by Neryo this is strange.. by photonline viggo mortensen jack sparrow by Elagorn The Joker II by olgy Nicole by natelha Genesis by 5antiago Hamadryad2 by mariuszoleszkiewicz :thumb257981020:  :thumb267954979: Selena Gomez by Kenza-san Bar Refaeli Drawing by desiangel1 Commisioned Baby Portrait by Cardinalsin692 Flor by Freakyana   Iron Man by conradosmjr :thumb279182048: Cool by frene Warm by frene Deer in the Headlights by laurelly25

I never thought making a feature would take so long :faint: Be sure to click on the thumbs. Thumbs can be very misleading sometimes.
Well, off to my +3000 deviantwatches! It's so exhausting, I got +2000 watches in my inbox in just 3 days. It will take a long time, as my comments often take 5 minutes to make....Sound silly right? To take so much time to comment, when I don't have time. But I noticed people like it when I comment detailed, so if it makes people just a tiny tiny bit happier, I'll sure try! And don't worry I'll survive! :giggle:

I'll see you around!

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Sorry for being inactive!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2012, 6:50 AM
Hi there :iconflowerdanceplz:

It's been a long time since I posted a journal. I feel like I'm not active on DA at all. I have been posting deviations, but that is it. Right now, I have over 10,000 deviations I need to watch :ashamed: I really need to watch all those deviations from the groups I'm a member of and I don't want to just watch and fave, but really take the time for it.

I also want to do features since I'm a premium member now, but I'm not sure what or who I want to feature and how many times.
Another thing are my amount of drawings.
In my last journal (which was ages ago!) I said I would do art with more content(?), instead of just drawing a copy of a reference. I tried (I really did!), but I never finished them. Right now I have like 5/6 unfinished drawings hehe...

Besides all this I just want to be more active on DA. I'm not sure in what way, but just in some kind of way.
However, I have no freaking time! And that's actually all I need, so maybe in a few weeks. But I promise, you can expect me! :evillaugh: (I'm not sure if that is positive haha)

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pffft long time ago since I posted a journal. I said I would draw more but end up not drawing for another half year :lmao: so I'm not going to say again.

I did draw more though recently and the kind of art that I like the most is art with meaning. I've always wanted to do this kind of art and I'm full of ideas! So it's not an art block. But I think my techniques are far from good and I want it to look at least decent. I tried once and I got kind of sad because it looked so bad but it meant a lot to me :saddummy:(it's in my gallery though). I write all my ideas down, in a tiny little notebook, so they don't get "lost". I do forget to write them down sometimes so some of them are still gone

However, I'm really eager to draw them:eager: They are stuck in my head for over a year and I might feel better after drawing them. Also, I have LOTS of ideas so if I don't start soon I'll still be drawing them when I'm around the age of 50 :hmm:

I'm really stupid though. I've been waiting for more than a year to draw them, so I would be better, but I didn't draw a lot at all so it was a waste of time.... I will still be drawing random (celebrity) portaits. That's the only way I can practice...I don't sketch. Sketches look so....unfinished...and I don't like that haha

well that's it, bye:heart:
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Hi! I'm Quynh and I just joined Deviantart :D I Live in the Netherlands, I'm 14 years old and my hobbies are reading, playing piano and ofcourse drawing!! I've been drawing since februari 2010 I think. I don't know the exact date. I'm selftaught and I'm righthanded. Uhh that was unnecessary information.... I don't have a scanner so my submissions will look crappy. I adore music :) it gives me so much inspiration

Have to search out how Deviantart works. Well that's all I think.
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